Why More Couples Are Living Together

If you were to move in with your significant other just twenty years ago, you’d probably get some sidelong glances from a few people around you. Living together without getting married was always considered a bit taboo, but that social stigma is slowly fading away. It’s now really common for couples to live together, and some couples even prefer this type of arrangement to marriage for a number of solid reasons.

Why Moving In Makes Sense

The Financial Stance: few college graduates leave school these days without a boatload of debt. In fact, the national student debt is higher than it’s ever been. If you add to that fact the fact that rent prices in major cities are hard for even the wealthiest to afford, you have a problem unless you find someone to split rent with. For those that are already in a relationship, living together can make good financial sense.

It’s A Good Test: maybe you’re unsure about marriage, and maybe testing the waters sounds like a safer plan to you. This isn’t a silly plan, it’s a really logical one. The truth here is that many couples find out they don’t really like each other once they start living together, though some find that they are a perfect match. Why not figure this out before you tie the knot?

You Don’t Believe in Marriage: not believing in marriage is not the same as not believing in commitment. Living with someone sends a clear message that you are committed to that person, but you just don’t like the idea of marriage.

Your Marriage May Last a Long Time: since people are living longer than ever before, you could be married to the same person for more than 50 years – don’t want want to find out if that person is really a good fit for you? Moving in together will let you explore the other person completely.

The World is a Cold and Lonely Place: no, really, it makes sense – why not have someone to cuddle and watch movies with, or take with you to that New Year’s party? Living with someone means companionship, and you really can’t put a price on companionship.

How to Know When You Are Ready

You may have been toying with the idea of living with someone for a while, but how can you tell when you are actually at the point of calling a Denver moving company? If you spend every waking minute with that person, can’t wait to see that person, and want to know more about that person, it might be time to move in with them. Some couples say, too, that moving in together after a year of dating is a good benchmark.

Making the Rules

Before you call your Denver moving company, do set some ground rules for living together. Decide who is going to pay for what, how things will be split, schedule in some you time and some friend time, and learn what the other person’s likes and dislikes are. Above all else, try and respect the person you are going to live with – once respect is gone, it’s really hard to get it back.

Only you can decide whether or not you should move in with your partner. But, your Denver moving company is here if you do! Call Exodus Moving and Storage for a free moving estimate. Once you have your moving estimate, you can start packing and move in with your partner – or, just put your stuff in storage (we do that too!) in case things don’t work out.