Coping: Moving Away From Home and into the College Life

Moving away from home for the first time is a big deal. There is an overwhelming amount of emotions and new issues to deal with. To best cope with the ‘big change’ check out these tips and reminders.

Friends This time is for making friends! Whether you are in a dorm or in a house with friends, reach out—meet that person next door to you. Join study groups in classes (not only for curriculum help) but also to make friends. Dorms will often have group outings where everyone will go to activities together.  This elements is so very important for keeping a balanced college lifestyle.

Special Interest Groups, Clubs and Sports No better way to connect with people and things that you love than getting involved with both at the same time. Maybe you love classic books? Maybe you are a soccer player—not quite a scholarship plcollegeexayer but would still love to run around. Join the team! There are a multitude of groups and clubs on college campuses that open the doors to people and activities.

Food An easy way to slip into a depression is by eating fat and salt ridden processed food along with drinking your Freshmen year away. If you are looking to avoid the ‘Freshmen 15’ and want to stay happy and vibrant, than don’t neglect things like fruits and vegetables. Make it a point to stay away from the crap, and stick with the greens. The fresher the better.

Home and Family Stay connected. Schedule a time that once a week you will never miss. Sunday nights are great. Catch your family up on school, friends, activities, your grades and maybe even a major change. Keeping this stability and love in your life has proven to be a vital element of college happiness. Also—try to visit home when you can. Nothing better than home cooking and sleeping in your old bed—but still being able to leave! J