Colorado’s Coffee Scene

Are you addicted to caffeine? Do you find it hard to get enough of that tasty cup of coffee? Well, if you are moving to Colorado, you will be happy to know that this state has more than its fair share of excellent coffee shops. In fact, Colorado has its own artisan (or third-wave, as it is sometimes called) coffee scene. Below are our favorite coffee spots – enjoy!

CC Image courtesy of adactio on Flickr

1. Paul’s Coffee and Tea: this coffee shop is small, quaint, and serves the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll find Paul’s in Louisville, CO.

2.  Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse: as you might have guessed, this teahouse is in Boulder, CO. During the summer months, you’ll find a lovely farmer’s market located near this coffee house too.

3. R&R Coffee Café: doesn’t the name of this coffee house sound divine? You’ll find a bit of R&R in Colorado Springs, CO.

4. Urban Steam Coffee: here’s another coffee gem in Colorado Springs. Urban Steam will definitely appease the third-wave coffee crowd, and you can get some yummy local treats to go with your coffee of choice here too.

5. The Bean Cycle: lattes, cappuccinos, and everything in-between is what you’ll find at The Bean Cycle. If you are moving to Fort Collins, this café is an absolute must (plus, you’ll find a quaint little bookstore nearby too!).

6. Wild Boar Coffee: here’s another Fort Collins gem. Maybe you can go from The Bean Cycle to Wild Board Coffee and back again for a true coffee voyage?

Other Coffee Spots

Colorado is known for its unique chains and some larger chains too, so you’ll find all of the big coffee shops in this state alongside all of the smaller ones. If you are a Starbucks fan, there are no shortage of Starbucks shops throughout the state. But, we urge you to try out some of the smaller, local, coffee shops for a taste of true entrepreneurial coffee spirit. Plus, most of the shops on this list offer local pastries and other goodies that you will absolutely love, so make sure to check those out.

Of course, you can also find some really decent beans that are roasted right here in Colorado. SwitchBack, Kaladi, and Elevation Traders are just a few of the roasters that make Colorado their home state. If you’re looking for delicious and fresh roasted coffee, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect bag of beans to bring home. All you’ll need after you grab those beans is a great coffee machine, and you can find plenty of retailers selling machines in this state too. As you can see, Colorado is almost (almost) as serious about coffee as we are about burritos (but not quite!).

Getting Your Colorado Land Legs

If you aren’t quite sure where to live in Colorado, but you know that this town is for you, you’ll find tons of articles about this state on our blog. We’ve made sure to add plenty of information about moving to Colorado in addition to details about the many reasons why this state is so great. We hope that you’ll find almost everything you’re looking for on our site, but let us know if there’s something about Colorado that you want to know, and we’ll be sure to cover it here!

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