Colorado Movers Talk Pets

It’s no question that we all love our pets, Colorado movers especially. It’s always great to have a friendly face to greet you when you walk in the door or to have a friend get comfortable and read a book or watch the game. We take care of our pets on a daily basis and the same should hold true during a move. Think about it this way: as people, we need time to change, adapt and adjust to our new surroundings…and we’re the ones who decided to make the move! Now imagine if you are the household pet. Long car/plane trip, new home, new smells- this is totally overwhelming. Our Colorado movers have taken some time to give a few helpful hints on how to make the move smoother for your furry friend so the adjustment to his or her new home isn’t so stressful.

• Make sure your pets are properly identified with collars and name tags- we don’t want Fido getting lost at a rest station somewhere along the highway. Be sure that the tags list the NEW address as well.

• Ask for pet medical history- not only is this vital for pets traveling via plane but will also help if you are renting an apartment. Keep their records of health and rabies on you when traveling as well.

• Keep an eye on your pets- the last days before a move are very hectic and all the strange activity makes pets worry. Consider boarding them during this time, maintain the same level of attention to ease fears and make sure you know where they are at all times.

• Contact a state vet or the State Dept. of Animal Husbandry- all states have different laws for the transportation of animals (especially Hawaii) so before you move across state lines, check out the special requirements!

• Give your pets time to adjust- Once your pets arrive, make sure they are given time to get used to the new area. If you have cats, start them in just one room of the house and allow them to explore room by room over time. Too much exposure can be stressful. If it’s a dog, take him or her on walks around the area before allowing it to roam free. They may not remember where “home” is and that can cause a lost puppy!

• Take your time packing- by stretching out the packing process over a month instead of a week, your pets will adjust to the removal of furniture or other items they are used to having around slowly, over time, instead of all at once.

• Consistency is key- keep your pet’s routine the same while getting ready for your move, it will help keep stress levels down. • Start early on travel arrangements- if you pets are flying to your new home, make sure you contact the airlines at least ONE MONTH in advance to hear about pet regulations and to make the proper reservations. Only a certain number of pets are allowed per flight and you wouldn’t want to miss your chance.

• Make a “moving room” for your pet- Create a designated room for pets during the final moving days. Put their toys, food, water, litterboxes, etc. in a closed off room and post a sign (written clearly and largely) so movers and family don’t interrupt your pets. It’s best not to have to step over animals and it will also save them the commotion of moving day. I

f you think this is all the tips our Colorado movers have up their sleeves, just you wait! Check back next Wednesday for more great tips on how to make that Colorado move with your pets as well as how to travel safe! Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great Colorado moving tips and tricks from your one and only Colorado movers.