Colorado Trail Safety Tips

The warm weather is here, and that means hiking season in Colorado. There’s a lot to see when you hike through Colorado trails including tons of wildlife. Any sunny day is a good day for a hike, but make sure that you heed these safety tips before you pack your backpack!

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Get Ready

You probably warm up before you work out, right? You may even stretch each morning in order to move your muscles. Well, hiking is no different. In fact, hiking burns lots of calories and gets plenty of muscles moving, and that means that you have to stretch and warm up before you try and conquer any mountain. Conduct some basic stretches at the base of the mountain before you start your hike – you’ll be glad that you did!

It’s also vital to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your hike. Make sure to hydrate properly before your planned hiking day. Drink more than your normal amount of water the day before your hike, carry two water bottles with you during your hike, and make sure to drink plenty of water after your hike too. Drinking lots of water will prevent any kind of muscle cramping.

Trail Safety

Were you the kid that always went off trail during a ski trip? It can be fun to explore trails by finding paths that aren’t part of the main trail, but this habit is also dangerous. Stick with the marked trail, don’t venture so far away from the trail that you can’t see the main path, and always plan out your hike before you leave. If you are going to hike alone, make sure that a few people know where you will be at all times, and check in with a park ranger if you plan to hike up a treacherous path.

It can also be tempting to eat berries or pick up plants along the path. But, this isn’t a good idea unless you are certain of what you’re touching. If you pick up the wrong plant, you could wind up with poison ivy or worse! Likewise, leave any animals that you see alone – a moose might not look like it can run very fast, but that moose will catch up to you quickly if you taunt it enough!

Pack Smart

Not only should you bring plenty of water with you, but it’s also wise to bring tons of food – hiking can really work up an appetite! You’ll want to bring food that’s nutritious and can help you with a boost of energy when you will need one. In addition to food and drink, wear lots of layers and pack an extra sweater. This way, you can remove layers when you get too hot, or add a layer when it’s too cold.

Even though it’s a great idea to leave your cellphone off during your hike (that’s the whole point of enjoying nature, right?), you should bring it with you. If you need to call someone during a hike in case of an emergency, you’ll want to have your phone with you. You may also think about packing a flashlight.

Enjoy Your Hike

There’s no better time than springtime to get outdoors and enjoy the many trails that Colorado has to offer. If you are moving to Colorado for the first time, you’ll love what this state offers when it comes to nature. If you’ve lived here all of your life, there’s no excuse not to get outdoors and check out the scene! Sunshine, wide lazy trails, rivers, and wildlife wait!

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