Pet Traveling Part Two: More Colorado Moving Tips from Our Guys to You

As you know, last week our Colorado movers took to the blog to discuss some ways to better help your pets adjust to making a big move. So now that you know how to pack and help reduce stress in your pets, we think it’ll be helpful to list some ways to make your trip a big success!

Some Things You Need Before You Hit the Road:

  • Vet records
  • Medications
  • Toys, chew bones and treats
  • Cage covers if traveling with rodents or birds
  • Leashes
  • Food and water bowls, a can opener and resealable lids to reduce excess eating or messes
  • Paper towels when the messes happen anyway
  • The usual food and local water (use an old milk carton that you’ve cleaned out to transport the water). Changing a pet’s diet during a move could be detrimental to their health
  • Plastic bags and scoops for cats and dogs
  • Litterbox for cats
  • Beds, pillows, crate liners, anything that smells like home
  • Enough food and water for the first night in the new home

While on the Road:

  • Keep your pets in a carrier that is large enough to accommodate the animal, food, water and a small litterbox (for cats).
  • If traveling with larger animals, stop about every 2 hours to allow them to get some fresh air. Always use a leash when letting them stretch their legs, remember, they are in unfamiliar territory.
  • Don’t leave pets in the car, even with the windows cracked. This could result in death and is illegal.
  • Keep the car a comfortable temperature for your pets- not too hot or cold.
  • Cover the carrier to keep your pets calm and protected from harsh sunlight.

Once You’re At Your New Home:

  • Allow time to get acclimated.
  • Continue offering pets water from their old home, changing their water can upset stomachs or make them not want to drink.
  • If your pets misbehave, it may be the environment. Hold off on punishment on initial misbehavior.
  • If an accident happens in the house, make sure to clean it up quickly and remove the odors. This way, your pet will be less likely to make this a repeat offense.
  • Dogs tend to acclimate much faster than cats. Remember, if you show tension with your cat for misbehavior in the new home, they may not understand. This tension will cause stress and anxiety and therefore increase stress-caused behaviors. Distrust is the last thing you want in your relationship with your cat.

There you have it- the full list of Colorado moving tips and tricks for traveling with pets. If you stick to these simple guidelines, your pet is sure to get settled quickly and love your new place just as much as the old one!

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