Go Green with Our Colorado Moving Company

This week we want to take to our blog to discuss the importance of sustainability and maintaining a “green” move. As Colorado movers, we are based in one of the most beautiful states in our nation and that is why we take great efforts to keep it in the most pristine condition possible- starting with your Colorado move.

We decided we were going to take time out and dedicate this post to explaining why green practices should be incorporated into your lifestyle as well as how to use a more sustainable moving method.

We all have an impact on the earth, no matter how small our actions. You know the decisions we make like what kinds of foods we eat, what we clean our houses with and what kind of light bulbs we use have an impact but did you know that what kinds of moving supplies and the company you choose to help on the big moving day make a difference too?

Exodus works hard to maintain their standards as the “green” Colorado movers. We make small adjustments in our practices to ensure that we are doing our part to protect the environment. These changes include re-using our cardboard boxes for multiple moves as well as utilizing the “forever box.” A forever box is a plastic tote that we pack your non-fragile items in for office or short-distance moves. This cuts down on the use of paper from both trees and the dollars in your pocket as totes are much more economical than cardboard.

But wait, there’s more. We combine moving loads to save on CO2 emissions so there are less trucks out on the road. Our Colorado movers also have converted one of our tractor trailers to run completely off vegetable oil rather than gasoline. Not to mention our back hauls which helps save the environment and the money in your wallet; instead of driving an empty truck back to Colorado, we load your stuff in and take it with us!

We’ve also taken steps to make our warehouses just as energy efficient. We have insulated the space between the loading docks and the trucks to cut down on energy usage by regulating the temperature of the warehouse inside. Also, our Ft. Collins location was created in order to help our Colorado movers walk or bike to work instead of driving- and that they do!

Exodus is making strides to help this planet in every way they can and you should do the same. Remember, the smallest choices you make (like working with green Colorado movers like us) can make an impact on the world we live in! So join us in our quest to keep our earth beautiful.

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