Fresh Place Friday: Steamboat Springs, CO

This week our Colorado movers are taking you to Ski Town, USA- Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Steamboat Springs (like many other Colorado cities) began as a summer resort where travelers would come to take a dip in the hot springs, enjoy hunting and fishing opportunities and take a horseback ride right in town. What Steamboat Springs, Colorado is actually most known for now is its World Class skiing facilities.

Steamboat Spring, Colorado got its name from the sound a hot spring located near the Yampa River was making. French Fur trappers heard the sound in the 1860s and began referring to the area as Steamboat. The town is rich with history- even Steamboat Springs’ main street was constructed wide enough to accommodate the cattle drives through town. The city is also home to Howelsen Hill, one of Colorado’s oldest ski areas that has remained in use since 1915. Steamboat Springs, CO proudly hosts the oldest annual winter carnival west of the Mississippi River as well. The town is so special it even received one of the first eight “Preserve American Community” designations granted by the White House. Today, Steamboat Springs, CO is a thriving rural city that offers guests and natives recreation year round along with comfortable suburban living mixed with exciting city life.

If you are looking to relocate to the city of Steamboat Springs, CO, their Chamber of Commerce has even taken the time to prepare a relocation guide to the city. Check it out:

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