Colorado Movers Team with Realities for Children

As Colorado movers, we take great pride in our community and believe that the youth of Colorado are also the future of this nation. This month we are taking the time to spotlight Realities for Children, a charity that offers emergency funding for abused, neglected and at-risk youth in Larimer Country. What makes this charity unique is its affiliation with Realities for Children’s alliance of 150 local business members who underwrite the administration of all programs and services. What this means is that 100% of every dollar that is donated can go directly to benefits the youth who have been abused and neglected locally. In essence, Realities for Children is a hybrid of two entities working together to provide the most efficient and direct service possible to better the needs of abused and at-risk children. This team of alliances creates a safety net of services for these important members of our community through their Core Services.

The Four Core Services are as follows:

Emergency Fund– These are funds that are granted directly to the service providers and act as the safety net for children who would otherwise go without necessary services.

Youth Agency Collaboration & Support– Prior to Realities for Children, most youth centered agencies were in competition with one another for donor dollar and support, now all of the agencies work together so that no child will ever be left underserved.

Community Awareness– Realities for Children presents, sponsors and participates in over 130 events annually. These fundraisers raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the agencies that are critical in supporting our youth. These events, in turn, raise community awareness about the issues being seen with community youth and encourage people to get involved by helping the public understand to what extent these children are experiencing abuse and neglect.

Special Youth Opportunities– Realities for Children works to provide monthly youth activities for the children they serve. One of the goals of this is to remind children what it’s like to be a child. These opportunities provide children with the ability to have fun, exercise and even begin the cathartic healing process. By learning to laugh and play during such hard times, children will learn to trust, communicate and work together.

The Colorado movers at Exodus are truly inspired by all the work that Realities for Children does for the community. We hope their efforts continue to expand. Make sure you check out their website and donate!

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