Fresh Place Friday: Mosca, CO

We are taking a unique approach to our Fresh Place Friday this week by highlighting a city that isn’t as much known for being a great place to live but instead being an awesome place to visit. Mosca, Colorado is named for the nearby Mosca Pass that was founded by Spanish explorer, Luis de Moscoso de Alvarado. It sits with some of Colorado’s oldest towns in the center of the ancient San Luis Valley.

What attract visitors year after year are the massive sand dunes that have been swept by the wind up against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. These dunes get as high as 750 feet but that’s not the only natural phenomenon. Winding rivers run atop the sand that have drawn so much attention that the Nature Conservancy leads daily tours or this natural wonder along with four- wheeling tours of the dunes.

While you’re there, check out some of the amazing wildlife that roams the wetlands preserve along with the ranchlands. Take a bike ride along the 9-mile bike path, camp out or find lodging and a few great restaurants at the crossroads in Mosca, Colorado.

As Colorado movers, we are always looking forward to bringing in new residents to the state but if you are looking for a flat out awesome place to visit, Mosca, Colorado is it!
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