Colorado Movers on Safe Traveling

This week’s poll question centers around our followers favorite U.S. cities, that’s why we were taking the time to list some ways that you can travel safer and smarter. As Colorado movers, we are always on the go and out on the road, sometimes for several days with long-distance hauls, and that’s why we choose to travel safe.

Below are a few ways that you can improve the way you travel, whether it’s for a Colorado move or just a quick trip, we hope it helps!

Pack efficiently– Try rolling your clothes to avoid wrinkles and fit more into your luggage and placing items you’ll need first on top. That way, you don’t need to dig to the bottom of your bag to get to that shirt you planned on wearing upon arrival to your destination.

Don’t be last minute– While flying by the seat of your pants is great for backpacking across Europe, it’s not always advised when traveling somewhere like Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s good to have a plan that includes travel arrangements, accommodations and knowledge of what’s in the area.

Keep important documents ON you– Keep your license, passport, money, credit cards, immunization forms or anything else you may need in a folder or a purse but whatever you do, do NOT pack it. This seems simple enough but how many times have you seen someone dig through their bag at an airport for that boarding pass they printed out minutes before leaving for the airport?

Be smart– When you travel to a new destination, it is fun to be a tourist and check out all that the area has to offer but make sure you’re not advertising it. Tourists can be targeted as easy prey for some quick pick-pocket action or a scam that winds up costing you all your travel dollars. Always be aware and don’t spend time staring at a map or phone in the middle of the street. Pick a restaurant, sit down and get your bearings. That way you can keep an eye on all your belongings.

Well, that’s it from your Colorado movers on safe traveling! If you have any more questions, be sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! We’ll be sure to answer any questions you might have on traveling or making your Colorado move!