Colorado Movers’ Charity Highlight: The Larimer Humane Society

This month’s Colorado Movers’ Charity Highlight goes to the Larimer Humane Society- “leading the way towards an aware and engaged community dedicated to compassionate and humane care of animals by promoting successful placement and responsible pet ownership.”
As movers in Colorado, we love to give back to the communities we serve and the Larimer Humane Society is the perfect way to do that. The Humane Society is the only open-door animal care facility in Northern Colorado and they offer amazing events for the entire community that promotes the health, treatment and well-being of ALL animals. Take for example the event that was held just a few days ago on President’s Day. The “President’s Day Pooch Party” is a celebration held for children ages 7-12 to come learn about caring for animals while on their day off from school. It’s fun, educational and raises awareness for their cause and is just one of the many educational camps offered to school-age children. Speaking of raising awareness, one of the goals of the Larimer Humane Society is to successfully place all treatable cats and dogs by the year 2020. This is a huge feat but if the community helps out and gives back to this amazing cause, we’re sure it can be achieved.
Annually, the Larimer Humane Society places more than 3,500 pets into new homes and reunites over 2,100 strays with their owners. This non-profit also provides animals with rehabilitation services to heal approximately 2,000 injured, ill and orphaned Colorado wild animals through their WildKind program.
As Colorado movers, we are proud to support such a great charity that works to reach everybody in the Colorado community and spread their mission of humane treatment for animals of all types. Check them out today at
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