Colorado Is For Lovers: 7 Romantic Things to Do In CO


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Okay, it may not be Paris, but Colorado has tons of amazingly romantic places to bring your loved one. If you are moving to Colorado or you just got here, take the time to plan a trip to one of the following locations – you won’t be sorry!

1. Denver in the snow. Is there anything more romantic than horse-drawn carriages, ice-skating, and the twinkle of city lights all beneath freshly fallen snow? We didn’t think so! If you are in Denver during the wintertime, you’ll quickly understand why this city is full of romantic charm.

2. Mountain lodge escapes: there are too many to list all of the romantic mountain lodges here, but doesn’t the idea of your mate, no Internet, and a cozy fire just sound delightful?

3. The stars! That one might sound a bit vague, but the idea is to climb up to a mountain top at dusk, sit down on a comfortable blanket, and stare at the stars – we promise you that you’ve never seen stars like these before!

4. Aspen’s fall scene. Some people head to New England to see the leaves turn color, but Colorado natives know that Aspen is the place to be. The whole town simply turns to gold when the fall season comes – not to be missed.


CC Image courtesy of Jesse Varner via Flickr

5. Aspen ski lodges. Oh, we just love the winter months here, can you tell? If you like to ski, you have to check out one of Colorado’s slopes. Even if you don’t like to ski, you can wear all the gear and snuggle up next to your partner near a roaring fire.

6. Hot Springs: some say that Strawberry Park Hot Springs are the best, and others prefer different locations. Either way, soaking in natural hot springs brings romance to a whole new level, and you can stay overnight in a cozy lodge too.

7. Camping and hiking. Again, the focus here is getting away from the connected world by pitching a tent and doing some real camping and hiking. If you love to hike, there’s really no better place in the world than Colorado. Pick a trail, grab some gear, and get to know Mother Nature on a whole new level – that’s what Colorado is all about!

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You may not have thought that Colorado is a romantic place (unless you already live here!), but this state is by far one of the most sought after by couples seeking to really escape the hectic life that is modern life. When you get here, simply step outside and enjoy what you see. One of the great things about Colorado, too, is that every season has something unique and different for you and your love to enjoy, so make sure to take advantage of it all. Call us today for information about movers in Fort Collins, or getting a moving quote, and let us know: what is your favorite romantic Colorado spot?

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