Clutter Free New Year

Right about now we all start thinking of resolutions for the New Year. The end of Dec is a very natural time to review the previous 12 months and make some decisions about the future. What was good about the year? What wasn’t so good?  What do you want more of this year? What do you want less of?

One of the most underestimated components of a peaceful life is organization. More often than not, if you live in a space that is full of clutter it is hard to see your way to a clear state of mind. And its natural in this busy world to lose track of this kind of organization when there are so many other things in your life competing for your attention. When it comes time to move, many people often say that they are surprised at how much stuff they have. The following are some top tips for getting organized for moving, for storage or just for your life in general.

Everything in its Place– All of your things need a predictable place where they live. The number one reason why people lose track of everyday items is that their whereabouts vary so often. Designate a logical place for each thing, preferably in a space where it is often used so that you don’t have to go to another room to retrieve it. Also, keeping everything in re-usable Tupperware containers makes re-organizing, cleaning around and packing your stuff up all the more streamlined and efficient.

Regular Regrouping– Set a dependable time to put things back where they go. This can happen as often as 10 minutes first thing every morning to perhaps an hour once a week on Saturday. You can have the most amazing system of organization in the world and it will be only a matter of time before it falls apart without regular maintenance. The important part of this is finding a time that is good for you, that will inspire you to feel good about what you are doing.

Keeping it Together– Make sure to keep items of similar use and function together. If you have vitamins that you take every day with your morning coffee, it might make sense to put them in the kitchen near the coffee maker. If you have 3 places in the house where you currently keep batteries, consolidate. Keeping like items together will save hassle and guess work and will also make sure that you know how much of something you have in the house in order to avoid over purchasing.

Resolve to Simplify- This last tip will mean different things to different people. But at Exodus, we would like to encourage you, this year, to clear out whatever it is in your life that is holding you back. Whether you need to make space in your current location through the use of storage, or you need to move to a new space in order to create a fresh environment for inspiration, we are behind you 100%.

We wish you clarity of space and peace of mind in 2011!