How to Choose a Storage Facility

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we just have too much stuff to move. When that problem pops up, there’s not much you can really do other than to find a storage facility option. The only problem with that option is that most storage facilities aren’t exactly where you’d want to spend any time at all – let alone store your stuff.

When it comes to choose the right storage place, there are some tips that you really should keep in mind, or come out of the whole process with broken items or lost goods. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on being able to move almost anything – but we also want to make sure that you choose the right storage facility if you have to leave anything behind.

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Here are out best tips:

1. Don’t go with location alone. It may be tempting to want to choose the storage place down the street because it’s fast, easy, and painless. But, that’s not the best way to go about this process. Instead, look for a storage facility that has what you need, has the right prices, and includes a somewhat trustworthy manager. That brings me to my next point: trust.

2. Find someone you can trust to hold your stuff. Many storage facility owners are trusthworthy and run great operations. On the other hand, some of these people may not be people that you’ll want to do business with. If you get a bad feeling when you meet a storage facility owner, stick with that feeling – and back it up by reading reviews.

3. Do your research. The great thing about the Internet is that you can find anything just by using Google. Back in the old days, you would have had to rely on word of mouth, but that’s not the case today. Today, you can check out sites like Yelp to find out what people are saying about the storage place down the street. If more than one person complains that stuff was broken or stolen, you may want to look for a second option.

4. Consider temperature or climate control. There aren’t many things that you have to store at specific temperatures, but there are some things that won’t do well if it’s too cold or too hot inside of a storage unit. The things that come to mind are instruments, equipment, and anything else that’s tempermental climate-wise.

5. Make sure it’s accessible. Even though the stuff in your storage locker is yours, you won’t be able to visit a storage facility at all times of the day and night. So, find one that has decent office and gate opening hours. Make sure that you can live with those hours, too.

6. Read that contract. I know it’s a lot of paperwork, but you have to make sure that your items are safe from harm. Be certain that a storage company doesn’t have the right to sell your stuff after a few months. If there is a clause in that contract that allows the company to sell your items, make sure that you take note of that date – and renew the contract when necessary. This, folks, is how things wind up on ‘Storage Wars.’

7. Visit first. Ask the property manager of a facility to see the unit that you will be renting before you rent it. On the day of the move, be sure that you’re moving your items into the same unit. Some facilities will show you one unit and give you a different one (one that may not be climate controlled or secure).

8. Look for a guarded property. Think of all the things that are stored in storage units. It wouldn’t make sense not to rent out a unit with a guard, right? Even if the place looks secure, make sure that some kind of actual security measure is in place (a security guard that works around the clock is best).

9. Ask about missed payments. Missed payments happen if you move far away or if paying that company every month just slips your mind. Find out what happens if you miss a payment. Sometimes, one missed payment can mean that your stuff gets tossed up or winds up on a TV show. Ask about missing payments, and make sure that you have some kind of a buffer zone.

10. Try not to leave anything valuable behind. If you have a bag of diamonds, don’t store those in a storage unit. Use common sense when it comes to your really expensive valuables!

Keep in mind that we will be happy to help you move most items that you own (that’s why we’re your Denver moving company of choice!), and a great interior designer can work wonders in your new space. If you can’t move something, though, keep the above tips in mind at all times!