How to Choose A Home Office Paint Color

If you work from home, the color that you paint your home office walls really matters. Why? Color directly impacts emotions, and you can evoke such things as productivity with the right colors. There’s a whole complex science behind color theory (and many books are available that will allow you to jump into this science, if you are curious), but there are some basic takeaways based on these theories that we’re going to summarize for you in this article – so that you can choose the right color for your office, and feel great about getting to work!

Color Strength

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There’s a basic design rule when it comes to the emotions that you want to evoke through paint color.

  • Bright colors stimulate
  • Dull (or washed out) colors soothe

So, choose a whitewashed blue if you want to be soothed and productive, and choose a solid and bold blue if you want to be stimulated (for example). Certain colors are better for certain types of work too.

It Has to Work for You

Some designers will tell you that blue is the best color for productivity. But, what isn’t usually explained is that blue will help people that work with their minds to a great extend, though creative people may not be stimulated by blue at all. Keeping that logic in mind, here are some basic guidelines based on colors and the type of work that you do.

Yellow hues: yellow lets you dream, think, create, and allow your mind to wander. If you’re a straight up businessperson, yellow might not be the color for you – but it could do wonders if you are the creative-type or work in a creative field (which is the main reason why so many people paint kitchen spaces yellow!)

Red hues: reds really speak to the physical part of your mind and body, and red hues are often at home in gym spaces, or in environments where the focus is on the physical.

Blue hues: blue does help to stimulate your brain, so blues are often a popular choice – but don’t make a room too stale by incorporating blue alone. Try to throw in some yellow, orange, or other bright accents for balance.

Green: hospital rooms are often painted a shade of green because green is soothing. If you stand in a room that’s green and you feel productive and calm, this might be a good color for you.

Picking the Right Color

Realistically, you should choose the color that really feels right to you. If you can’t stand being in a green room, don’t pick green. If you love the idea of teal, that might be the right shade for you. Decide whether you want to be stimulated or soothed, and figure out what part of your body you want to stimulate before you choose a shade. With that knowledge, pick the colors that work for you, and remember to accent your paint color with other colors in the form of photographs, pillows, curtains, or other items.

If you’re in the process of moving your office or moving from one place into a new home, you have the advantage of choosing paint colors before you move in. Paint first, and set up everything else after the paint has dried. If you’re looking for Fort Collins movers, contact us. We’ll provide you with a free moving quote, details about what residential moving companies can do for you, and information on renting storage space. As your Fort Collins movers, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on paint color, and we welcome you to leave a note. Also, be sure and check out the Facebook page of your favorite Fort Collins movers to see what we are up to!