Celebrating Your Move

When it’s time to start packing, its easy to feel overwhelmed. With so many things to accomplish in a finite period of time, anxiety can build fast. And while you may be an incredibly organized person and have already secured an excellent moving company to help you through the process, there is a way to take the edge off of the amount of stuff that needs to be done and simultaneously not feel so alone. When it’s time to move, it’s time to plan a packing party!

A packing party is a great opportunity to turn a stressful situation into a downright festive occasion. It’s also a wonderful excuse to invite your friends, family members and neighbors to help out with your move. If you take a few hours to use an “all hands on deck” approach, the ship of your move is bound to have a much smoother sail.

Make the Guest List. Think about the people in your life and consider their strengths. Who among them is organized, detail oriented, or physically strong? Who has a lot of time and energy? Who is good with their hands or at taking things apart? Create a list of these people and invite them to your packing party.

Break It Down. Create 3 main categories by which to sort your stuff. We suggest the following: to keep, to store, and to get rid of. The “to keep” and “to store” piles are being packed away, but the “to get rid of “pile is most important for your packing event. This group can be broken down into 4 groups: to recycle, to sell, to donate and to toss. During your packing party you can use your guests to clear this area by taking items to local recycling centers, local charity organizations or taking things that they might need for their homes.

Create a Theme. Themes inevitably make parties more fun. They give a sense of direction and help everyone who attends to know how best to help. One theme idea might be a “Box, Wine Party”. Have each person you invite bring an empty packing  box and a bottle of wine. Tell them that they are to help fill the box and help empty the bottle!

Use your Resources. If you have 5 people coming to your house, divide tasks up and give people jobs. Ask one person who likes to cook to help pack your kitchen. Have another person who is very interested in philanthropy take the load of clothes that need donated over to the Salvation Army. By assigning tasks to people according to their areas of expertise, they are more likely to be both useful to your moving cause and excited to participate.