Fresh Place Friday: Colorado Springs, CO

In this week’s Fresh Place Friday, we want to spotlight the amazing community of Colorado Springs, CO. The true appeal of Colorado Spring, CO lies in its climate and culture. Us Colorado movers really love Colorado Springs, CO for its scenic views (Pikes Peak is what inspired the song, “America the Beautiful”) as well as its attractions. In fact, Colorado Springs, CO was first nicknamed “Little London” for its wide array of attractions including hotels, restaurants and opera houses that were not found in other parts of the state.

These days, one of the nation’s three U.S. Olympic Training Centers can be found in the city of Colorado Springs, CO where locals and tourists can come watch world-class athletes perform. Also located in our Fresh Place Friday highlight is the U.S. Air Force Academy, a one-of-a-kind, elite training academy. And if you’re looking for something to really take your breath away, one of the most famous parks in the nation, The Garden of the Gods, is found in the foothills of Pikes Peak. The Garden of the Gods is a red rock formation that has captured the attention of camera carrying citizens from all over to see these vibrant colors juxtaposed against the snow topped mountain peaks.

What has really caught the eye of our team of Colorado movers is the “Tank Full of Summer Savings” program launched by the Colorado Springs DVB. This program combines fuel-themed discounts with its member lodging properties, restaurants and attractions in order to help visitors and locals save. This is especially great for those long road hauls during our awesome Colorado moves.

So if you’re looking for a vibrant city with unique attractions, maybe you should make your Colorado move to Colorado Springs, CO!

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Fresh Place Friday: Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is a city that is renowned for its winter sports, but it is also so much more. As Colorado movers, we believe that when relocating to a new city, you know all that it has to offer, not just the marquee highlights. So if you were looking to make your Colorado move to Aspen, CO, we’ve taken the time to lay out all that Aspen has to offer (aside from four world class mountains with a lift ticket that gains you access to each of them…cough-AWESOME-cough):


  • The West End Walking Tour allows visitors and natives to get to know Aspen and the Victorian architectural legacy left behind by the aristocrats of the 1800s. The tour is operated by the Aspen Historical Society and relates stories of the historic homes, their owners and even what’s buried beneath!
  • Get to know Aspen’s “dark side” with an evening Aspen Walking Tour that pulls back the shiny exterior and gives you a glimpse of its tarnished past. This is NOT for the faint of heart!
  • After its opening in 1889, the Wheeler Opera House was originally a part of the “Silver Circuit”, a mining era collection of venues that brought internationally renowned performers to the silver and gold mining camps and towns of Colorado’s high country.  After it burned to the ground in the late 20th century, it has since been renovated in the 40’s as well as the 80’s and is now one of Aspen’s foremost venues for performance.

Arts & Culture:

  • The Aspen Art Museum offers exhibitions of contemporary art, art workshops, lectures and tours.
  • The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is an internationally acclaimed professional dance company which brings dance to Aspen year-round, including the summer Aspen Dance Festival.
  • The Jazz Aspen Snowmass is an internationally recognized summer-long series of musical performances and diverse education programs dedicated to the preservation and performance of Jazz and World music.  

For the Kids:

  • THE AJAX Adventure Camp offers kids and teens the ultimate Aspen summer camp with exciting day camp activities & overnight excursions. Based out of the Aspen Middle School, the day camp operations run from 9:00 – 5:00.
  • The Red Brick Recreation Center is 100% pure fun. It includes day camps, baseball, rock climbing, gymnastics, adult sports, events, aerobics, intramurals, birthday parties, and more!


  • Horseback riding was originally how people got around Aspen, now you can take a tour of the city on horseback just like in the 1800’s.
  • Several world class spas and health clubs are located in Aspen, CO and are a great way to relax after a day spent on the slopes. Enjoy massages, hot tubs or a yoga class.
  • Check out Blazing Adventures for some great rafting options in the Aspen, CO area.
  • There’s nothing like playing a few rounds of golf on our perfectly manicured greens while surrounded by the majestic mountains. Nothing can beat it.

Take it from us, your local Colorado movers, Aspen, Colorado is one of the most exciting, historic and family oriented places to live. So if you’re planning a Colorado move, consider Aspen, Colorado to call home.

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Fresh Place Friday: Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek is one of the youngest cities in Colorado as it was settled in 1951. What makes this city so unique is the Beaver Creek Resort. This resort truly is the focal point of Beaver Creek, Colorado. Referred to as “The Tiffany’s of Ski Resorts” by Governor Richard Lamb, Beaver Creek Resort is the product of the ’76 Olympic Games. When Colorado was in the bidding process to host the 1976 Winter Olympic Games, the resort was built as a part of its deal. Aside from the resort being the first ever to be planned using 3-D computer modeling, Beaver Creek is a unique getaway for any group.

With the goal set that Beaver Creek Resort would be the perfect balance between architecture and natural landscape, construction was underway. Now, the resort is a hidden gem, tucked away by the mountains to create an intimate setting. Visitors travel from all over the world to experience the serenity, adventure and feeling of togetherness that is boasted by this world renowned resort. Beaver Creek is no stranger to accolades and awards for service, safety standards, food and environmental efforts. The design of the resort actually made sure that vehicles were offered limited space in order to preserve the natural ski trails and mountain settings.

Outside the Beaver Creek Resort there is a whole town full of beautiful scenery and landscape. While you’re here, make sure you check out the paragliding tours that offer an exciting way to tour the city. The Beaver Creek Chapel is also a must-see with its iconic steeple and stone bell. Finally, head over to the Beaver Creek Stables and check out all this quaint town has to offer on horseback!

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Fresh Place Friday- Sterling, Colorado

Sterling, Colorado owes its start to the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1881 when the railroad was announced to stretch from Julesburg, Colorado to La Salle, Colorado, it was only a matter of time before infrastructure was formed, a hotel was built and a county mayor was elected. Today, while we appreciate the railway, this Colorado moving company goes the old fashion way and take to the road.

One of the best reasons to travel to Sterling, Colorado (aside from its rich history) is for recreation. On top of the options to camp, fish, golf and hunt, Sterling, Colorado is also the proud home of North Sterling State Park. This state park sits on a man-made lake that is fed by waters flowing from the South Platte River. The park has over 150 modern camping areas, picnicking sites and three boat ramps for those looking to take to the water. If you’re choosing to travel Sterling, Colorado and the North Sterling State Park by water, know that it is particularly famous for its outstanding boating, waterskiing, swimming and fishing.

Another recreational activity you need to check out while in Sterling, Colorado is The Overland Trail Museum that can be found off I-76. This facility is filled with an array of eclectic historical items in its main building and a restored, one-room schoolhouse along with other historic buildings outback. The main building is unique because it’s been made to resemble a fort and is very fun for families with children.  Admission is only $3, plus there are picnic grounds, so you can pack a snack and make a day of it!

If you’re looking for free activities, check out the adjacent Overland Trail Recreation Area that offers visitors a 5-acre fishing pond, biking trails, fishing, grills, walking paths and a fishing pier- Mother Nature’s free gift to resident Coloradoans.

Finally, make sure that if you’re stopping by Sterling, Colorado (or moving into the area) that you check out the annual Logan County Fair hosted by the city. This autumn fair has an old-timey feel with its baking competitions, musical performances, carnival rides, demolition derby (oh yea!), a rodeo, 4-H animal shows and, of course, the annual Sugar Beet Days Harvest Festival. You just can’t beat it.

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Fresh Place Friday: Colorado Winter Celebrations

Here at Exodus, we are working hard to move folks throughout Colorado in some chilly weather, but there aren’t many conditions that would prevent us from getting the job done.  As the best Denver and Fort Collins movers, winter provides ample opportunities for our team to shine – even when the sun doesn’t.  In short, we love the season because it and Colorado go together like a jingle and bell.  As with Exodus, winter showcases some of the best of Colorado. So in that spirit, we thought we’d do a quick tour of some of the many happenings for families to enjoy.  If you are moving to Colorado, keep in mind that this is only a taste of what it has to offer.

First Stop: Breckenridge

As one of the premier ski areas in the country, it is a safe bet that Breckenridge winter events will involve plenty of powdery snow.  And what goes better with snow than Vikings?  Not much.  The Ullr Fest, held January 8-14th, is a time when horned hats are adorned by skiers and snowboarders, and frying pans are flung for prizes.  You can watch some top notch Olympic caliber competition during a parade that features ski jumps on floats.

For those who look at snow and see a masterpiece in the making, 2012 will be the 22nd year of International Snow Sculpture Championships. The Sculptures “live” in the area around the Riverwalk Center grounds.  Visitors are welcome to mingle among them from January 24th to February 4th.  Judging will be held on January 28th, and the awards will be given the next day.  You can bet Frosty the Snowman will face some stiff competition.

Next Stop: Estes Park

If your ideal celebration involves entering a picturesque postcard, then travel to the gateway of the Rocky Mountain National Park during the Estes Park Winter Festival, January 13-15.  Known for its live music and its selection of great food, including an all-star chili cook-off, the Estes Park Winter Festival is the perfect combination of activities, sights and sounds.

Final Stop: Denver

 If holiday lights on houses and trees are starting to get a little boring in your opinion, then what about lights on animals?  Well, not on animals exactly, but the Denver Zoo has put together an impressive show where the lights bring animals to life.  Denver Zoo Lights runs from December 9 to New Years Day.  Don’t worry, the real animals get to stay inside, cozy and warm.

Lastly, if you would like to spend an afternoon enjoying a classic holiday show, Denver features two of them: A Christmas Carol will play at the Stage Theatre from November 25 to December 24 and The Nutcracker is being performed at the Caulkins Opera House from November 26 to December 24.

Colorado has a lot of interesting and fun events this winter fitting nearly every taste.  With so much on offer, it is truly a wonderful place to be when the weather outside is “frightful”.  You will just have to come out and experience it yourself, and if you are on your way to stay, then give us a call and let us give you a ride in our slightly modified version of a one-horse-open-sleigh.

Fresh Place Friday: Moving to Music

Last week, we talked about a few of the big differences between Los Angeles and Denver.  For this edition of Fresh Place Friday, we’d like to focus in on a feature both have in common: world-renowned outdoor amphitheaters.

If you are considering moving to Los Angeles or moving to Denver, you are in for some world class entertainment and rich musical offerings in each location.  The Hollywood Bowl brings to mind the glamour and spectacle of Hollywood legend.  It is a perfect reminder that underneath the surface fads and trends, there is artistic achievement that can inspire awe.  Red Rocks showcases the stark natural beauty of Colorado and the vibrant relief of the Denver skyline.  It is as though a stage naturally formed through geologic events. When people come to a concert, they are simultaneously visiting nature and enjoying the showcased talents of advanced society.

Until recently, the natural acoustics of the Hollywood Bowl had been diminished by its massive and iconic shell rather than amplified.  It has undergone several changes in structure and materials throughout the years, although the dome shape has remained for the last seventy years.  The Bowl, as the locals call it, is probably the only building that has been worked on by both Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, two of the most influential architects of the last century.

Red Rocks is a park and amphitheater 15 miles outside of Denver and has been hosting events as far back as 1906. It was purchased by the city of Denver in the thirties to showcase the city and its culture, but the main attraction has always been the huge fountain formation of rocks that encase a nearly perfect storm of sound and sight.  Huge and angled red rocks jut out from stage right, and provide a natural amplifier that hones the music for the 10 thousand seats in between it all.  The unassuming disc shaped stage was designed by a Denver architect and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, but the point has always been the discovery of an ideal place to listen.   And in the case of Red Rocks, nature took care of the details.

Both venues are great to take in the sunset and exist as constantly memorable summer venues, although Red Rocks is the only one that remains open year-round.  Both venues have hosted legendary concerts and have subtly made their mark on popular culture.  Even acts such as the Beatles, who performed at each, could not overshadow the stage they were on.  Red Rocks helped to popularize U2 in the eighties and remained the favorite stopping place of the Grateful Dead.  The Hollywood Bowl has drawn opera and symphony performers from the peaks in Paris and Italy since the twenties.

If you move to Denver or move to Los Angeles, you would be remiss to neglect spending an evening at a live outdoor music venue.  Whatever your tastes, the diverse line-up of world class acts will give you an opportunity for an experience you will never forget.

Fresh Place Friday: Moving from Los Angeles to Denver

On the Move from Way out West

This week’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to one of our most popular moves: moving from California to Colorado. There are many differences between these two sunshiny places and many compelling reasons to live in them both. But at Exodus, we are happy to help you move to Colorado from California or the other way around.

Los Angeles is a seaside center of entertainment. Once a destination for millions east of the Rockies, L.A. has been hit hard during the economic downturn, and many are leaving to seek better opportunities elsewhere. Many of these people are moving to Colorado.

You can watch television or visit a movie theater just about anywhere in the world, and eventually you will see the familiar images of Los Angeles: the beaches, the Hollywood sign, Sunset Blvd, and so on. You are only seeing pictures of a fraction of this sprawling metropolis.

What separates Los Angeles from almost every other city is how spread out it is. It was not built around a center (although there is a downtown) that serves as the economic and political hub. Instead there are several centers laid out across 30 or so square miles that make up Greater Los Angeles. From older cities like Pasadena to expansion burgs in the San Fernando Valley to the elite, iconic vistas of Malibu, Los Angeles is a diverse passage through time and culture. Everyone complains about the inadequate public transportation, but the fact is that in most cases, public transportation simply isn’t practical. Yes, the first and possibly greatest difference from Los Angeles life to Denver life is the time you will spend in the car. Don’t get us wrong, Denver has its share of traffic jams, but they are like a horse and buggy country ride compared to the 405 freeway. An Angelino can count on getting at least two hours a day back after moving to Colorado.

Another huge difference is the scenery. Los Angeles has a little of everything, but just a small helping of each. You are a short distance away from an ocean, a desert, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Angeles National Forest. For a couple months of the year, there might even be snow just an afternoon drive away. In Denver you are limited to the prairies and the Rockies, but these are the premium versions. In Colorado, you know how expansive an open space really is and how towering mountains really can be. Finally, while the air quality in Los Angeles has improved dramatically in the last twenty years, it simply cannot compare to the cool, refreshing mountain air of Denver. An Angelino who exits his car for the first time after arriving will find it tough to get back in and close the doors.

Needless to say, the weather differences are dramatic, as there are roughly two seasons in Los Angeles to the four you will experience in Denver. In L.A. there is hot, warm, and chilly. Both places get about the same amount of rain (yes, it does rain in L.A.), but anyone who is moving to Colorado should also be prepared to shovel snow and wear thick clothes. There is quite a difference in magnitude between Los Angeles cold and Colorado cold, and any Angelino should expect to take a couple of winters to adjust.

Moving to Cherry Creek

CBR001224At Exodus, we take pride in moving Colorado. As an internationally capable full service moving company, we see a lot of places. But with our main offices in Ft Collins and Denver, we can honestly say, there is no place like home. The people and culture of this area are what make it so lively and special. In an effort to highlight yet another great place to live in the Denver Metro area, this week we are talking about one of its most up and coming neighborhoods, Denver’s Cherry Creek.

The Location

In 1858, gold was discovered at the “Cherry Creek diggings” changing the area forever. This Front Range plateau giving way to a powerful creek, was not only a central point to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, but soon became a vibrant center for trade. In 1950, the Cherry Creek damn was completed, forming Cherry Creek State Park and its Reservoir, creating more structure and form to its natural surroundings.

Today the neighborhood of Cherry Creek is still known for its “gold”. Located in South Central Denver, this posh and up and coming area is well known for its combination of natural beauty, breathtaking real estate and dynamic commerce.

The Scene

Boasting an exemplary school system, Cherry Creek is known for its commitment to the education of its young people. Believing that students are the future of the community, the workforce and the progress of the world, the school district carries a high standard of excellence. A guiding quote of the administration is “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” – Aristotle

In addition to a top of the line school system, Cherry Creek boasts a thriving real estate market and an innately beautiful landscape. But Cherry Creek is perhaps best known for its shopping. Two major highlights within the area include the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Cherry Creek North. While the shopping center is a highly acclaimed high end mall, the Cherry Creek North shopping and dining district covers 16 blocks and includes over 300 eateries, galleries and stores. Hosting both shopping and community events such as cinema festivals and recreational activities, it’s no wonder why Cherry Creek is fast becoming one of the most popular places to live and work in Denver Colorado.

Fresh Place Friday Spotlight on Glendale Colorado

infinityAs a national and international moving and storage company we see a lot of places. We consider it to be one of the perks of the job. Meeting new people and getting to know new neighborhoods keeps the work we do interesting. It keeps our minds open and our perspectives fresh.

But as a moving company in Colorado with local sensibilities, we also make connections as a result of our community interactions. Philanthropy and volunteer involvement is one of our top priorities. And as a result of our co-sponsorship of the Metro Mile with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, this week’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to the City of Glendale Colorado.

Glendale Then & Now

Originally settled in 1859, the city of Glendale has undergone many changes since its inception. Completely surrounded on every side by the city and county of Denver, this centralized location is now home to over 5,000 residents. This modest population accounts for the small town feel that the city is best known for. Sometimes referred to as a “village”, it continues to grow in leaps and bounds while maintaining its community focus.

Glendale Government

One of the main goals of the City of Glendale in recent years has been to provide an excellent environment for new business development. In an effort to encourage growth, the city remains “thin” with regard to the usual red tape and bureaucracy that comes when trying to start or expand an organization. The government is small, agile and has been known to be very responsive when it comes to answering inquiries. Ongoing education is highly encouraged for all city employees resulting in a strong foundation for the growth of the area.

Life in Glendale

Brimming with young professionals, the City of Glendale currently has a median age of 29 years old which is below the average of many surrounding areas. But in addition to the enthusiasm and energy so often embodied by youth, Glendale is committed to innovation. Additions such as Infinity Park, a state of the art sports center, event area and world class Rugby field, insure residents are provided many opportunities for both fitness and entertainment. Couple this with friendly people and there is no doubt that the City of Glendale has a bright future ahead.

For more information about one of the most up and coming developments in the City of Glendale, check out the following:

Fresh Place Friday- Spotlight on Castle Rock

The purpose of our Fresh Place Friday blog is to highlight interesting cities throughout our great state. Colorado is a truly one of a kind location, somehow finding a way to masterfully blend the cosmopolitan and the cowboy. It’s a state known for its natural beauty and ecologically minded communities. It’s a place known as a hot spot for the gold rush in the 1850’s, the Centennial State and the home of the Broncos. And while we happily serve as both national and international long distance movers, Colorado is the place we call home. Today’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to a city called Castle Rock.

The History of Castle Rock

The city of Castle Rock was originally settled on a budget: $3,400 in total to be exact. Founded in 1874 as the county seat of Douglas County, “The Rock” was originally home to several Native American tribes including the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians. As a result of both its excellent location on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, this mild climate haven boasted wild livestock for hunting and abundant plant life for foraging.

10 years before the city was founded, the combination of the Homestead Act and the possibility of finding gold brought people to the area in droves. Jeremiah Gould is perhaps the most well known original homesteader and owner of this land before it became a city. Donating much of the land immediately south of the area to what is now considered Castle Rock, the plots where auctioned off for the previously mentioned meager revenue of $3,400 .

Castle Rock Today

Originally known for rhyolite and cheese, Castle Rock has come a long way since its inception 125 years ago. The 17th largest city in Colorado it is now home to over 46,000 residents. Renowned throughout various national publications for being a great place to live and work, this small town combines big city access with a hometown feeling. Gorgeous natural recreational opportunities abound in combination with various family oriented community events such as chili cook offs, live theater and pottery painting events.  And while many of the areas residents work in the Denver Tech Center because of its easy access location, the designer boutiques, public art exhibitions and fair grounds keep its residents from a moment of boredom. When history meets urban culture with such ease and compliment, its no wonder Castle Rock is such a great place to move to in Colorado.

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