3 Weeks Before the Big Day—Communication is Key!

What you know from moving in the past or from reading this blog, is that moving can be daunting, and has a big need for organization. The minute that you decide that you are going to move, is the minute that you can begin the process. Below are a few key elements to remember and to implement in your moving process.Communication

Talk talk talk. Talk to your moving company, talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to your job (whether relocating or moving to a new job). Communication keeps relationships with people open flowing and healthy, use this element the same here. Treat your move like a relationship. When the people in your life know exactly what, where, when, who and why the process becomes free flowing and much easier to transition in and out of.

Talk to your new and old electric companies, your new and old landlords, make sure that everyone that you are financially obligated to has a full understanding of your payment plan, day of shut off or turn on, etc. You don’t want to be paying for utilities you are not using….or to not have them when you arrive from a long arduous trip.

Make a moving checklist that you hand out to all family members. This list will have individual tasks and overall goals and deadlines that the family will need to abide by. Organization is the key to a successful and stress free move. If you have young children you can have them begin sorting toys and books out at this stage, to help you pack them up when moving day approaches.

The key rule in packing? It’s never too early to start packing. Continue packing each day if you are moving yourself, or readying your house for the movers.

Having everyone that will be impacted by this move in full understanding of the agenda and timeline will not only save you stress, but save you money. Pack and organize early, to fully prepare yourself for the big day.

5 Things You Must Know Before Renting a House

Searching for a new residence can be stressful and time consuming. Creating a “must have” list not only eliminates houses efficiently, but will set you up for success for the duration of your stay.

  1. Know Your Lease: As a renter, in most cases you are not protected by the leasing laws of the local government, but rather by your signed lease. Because of this reality, it is incredibly important that you take time to read over your lease, ask for clarity where needed, and ask for changes (using your tenancy as leverage) where you believe things may be unfair or not make sense within the lease itself. Do not settle a change in the lease in the form of a verbal agreement. If you do this there is no way of proving this agreement in the event that you need it. Don’t be afraid to protect yourself and get any changes and agreements in writing.
  2. Know What Needs to be in Writing: Certain items that are often left unclear and left out of the lease should be addressed and added into the agreement. Particularly, things like lawn care. Who is going to maintain the grass and landscape? Is there a lawnmower provided? Are you paying for lawn services? Sometimes there are laws against leaving your lawn unkempt so clarifying this will prevent any surprises. Also, clarifying who is to fix and pay for large appliances in the house that are already provided. Payment and method to dealing with these in the event they break is essential. Lastly, privacy rights. Many people assume that the landlord must give at least 24 hours, written notice in order to enter the premises. This again, is not always true—only if it is included in the lease agreement.
  3. Know Your Rights: According to the Fair Housing Act it is Illegal to discriminate against applicants because of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, mental or physical disability or family status. However, if you are denied due to your financial, job, references, or income status this is completely legal.
  4. Know the Terms of Your Security Deposit: Protect your money! Renters most of the time are walking into a previously lived in home so keeping track with a written report of your findings in the house should definitely be your first move. Next you should walk through the area and take pictures of the entirety of the apartment so that any previous damage is noted in the photos. Make sure that you are not using a digital camera but rather a 35mm. This is generally the only type that will hold up in court because of the date inscription (digital cameras can be changed)
  5. Know About Renters Insurance: Important! Worth it! Renters insurance protects you against unexpected tragedies such as fire, flood, robbery, etc. Being able to have your things protected will not only save you money but let you sleep a little easier at night.

Rights and Responsibilities

To help you out we have provided a list of questions you should ask and know before requesting services from any mover.  These are your Rights and Responsibilities furnished by your mover as required by Federal Law.

  • What is my mover’s normal liability for loss or damage when my mover accepts goods from me?
  • What actions by me limit or reduce my movers normal liability?
  • What are the dangerous or hazardous materials that may limit or reduce my mover’s normal liability?
  • Should my mover have agents?
  • What items must be in my movers advertisements?
  • How does my mover handle complaints and inquiries?
  • Do I have the right to inspect my movers tariffs applicable to my move?
  • Must my mover have an arbitration program?
  • Must my mover inform me about my rights and responsibilities under the Federal Law?
  • What additional information does my mover provide for me?
  • How does my mover collect charges?
  • May my mover collect charges upon delivery?
  • May my mover extend credit to me?
  • May my mover accept charge or credit card for payments?

Got Moving on the Brain?

If you rang in the new year with a resolution to wake up to a new scene, new place, new state; then this blog is for you! This blog is especially for you if you have never lived in another state but are planning on doing so.

Where do you start? That is a fantastic question and I would probably say with research. Finding a place to move for your first time is exciting, but also a little scary. The unknown can always be a little frightening. You need to know about the good and bad neighborhoods, what the economy is like, you have to find a job and live in a place where the culture matches your values and personality.

First off, make a list of all the things you want in a town/city. Do you need outdoor activities? Warm weather? Easy access to mountains? Peace and quiet? Shopping? Schools? You need to write down everything you want out of your perfect place to live, and then start prioritizing.

Then it’s time to start checking out neighborhoods, apartments, roommates, etc. Where are you going to live? Craigslist.org is of course a great resource, but we advice that you do your research. It is important to go look at the house (preferably with someone) and interview the person you will be renting from/living with. Just like you tour houses that you are looking at buying, you need to make sure an apartment or condo is something that you would enjoy living in, and that your roommate(s) aren’t crazy. Make sure it is in your price range, in an area you want to be in, and you feel comfortable (your intuition is powerful!) Does it match the list you creative from the above exercise?

You also need a plan for meeting people. Depending on your situation, you may or may not be moving with someone. If you are not, I suggest having an idea of how you will meet new people. They say it takes about a year to a year and a half to feel at home and like you have established yourself. A great way to decrease that time is by getting involved in different Meetup.com groups like book clubs, hiking groups or cooking classes. If you are a professional, participating in local networking events like Green Drinks, Chamber events, or industry specific events is a great way to start building your professional network, but also a potential group of friends.

These are only a few of the specifics that need to be worked out and planned for, but they are pretty important to starting the process of moving to another state. We wish you luck, and let us know if we can help you with the new chapter of your life!

Thankful For You

We are here to make your life a little bit easier. Okay, a lot easier. We work hard for customer satisfaction; one of our main and most important goals is to win your heart by taking care of the nitty gritty that comes along with moving. Along with that, the only way we are ever going to know if we are meeting our expectations with our customers is to hear directly from them… directly from you. Your voice is extremely important to us and we hope that we have created and maintained a place where your voice can be heard.  We want to stay connected! So, whether you are a potential customer, a loyal customer, interested in using us someday or somehow just stumbled across our website, we want to hear what you think! Please feel free to contact us!

Contact Us:

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When you contact Exodus, we’ll answer any questions you have about the type of move you’re facing, the kind of equipment and trucks we use, availability of used boxes, valuation options and references from our satisfied clients…and much more.

Mr.Clean.. Mr. Green Clean

Moving is overwhelming, we empathize with you on that but since we are here to help you with this process, we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible into your new home. Cleaning is a whole other story that we do not like to get involved in. Even though we do not provide any type of cleaning service, we will provide tips on cleaning products and quick easy tips to help your house look spickety span.

When cleaning mirrors or windows, use coffee filters because they do not leave any cotton residue on the surface.

The kitchen sink can harbor more bacteria that the floor of your bathroom. Stick to natural cleaning products, we suggest a vinegar based solution.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and is also awesome for scrubbing and unclogging drains.

To make a homemade furniture polish, we suggest mixing about ½ cup of olive oil and 1 cup lemon juice.

Speaking of furniture, if you find candle wax hardened on any surface, use a hairdryer to melt it and wipe any excess wax off the surface.

To get that unwanted pet hair off clothes, bed linens and other pet covered areas, mix a teaspoon of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle to create an anti static solution.

A good rule of thumb to abide by when cleaning is to remember not to use any harsh chemicals on any surface or anything you eat from. When cleaning the microwave, we suggest using white vinegar as a natural solvent. How to get off baked on foods we suggest using plain old, baking soda.

Lemon, baking soda, and vinegar are all inexpensive gentle cleaning solutions and will keep your home smelling and looking fresh and will not take a toll on your bank account.

However, there are many cleaning solutions that cannot be made at home to get the best and cleanest results. For those, we recommend 7th Generation products as well as Shaklee’s products.

Round, Round Get Around- We Get Around!

 From the moment you decide to move all the way until the day you are settled in your new destination, we are here for you, near far, wherever you are! We take pride in being an independent company and not becoming an agent of large anonymous van line. We also take pride in the name we have received as being one of the best moving companies in Northern Colorado as well as being locally owned. However, don’t be fooled to think that just because we represent Northern Colorado movers that we do not do nationwide moves. In fact, just recently, we unloaded a truck in Portland, OR which was then headed to Edgewood, WA then off to sin city, Las Vegas, NV before ever returning to Colorado.  We are constantly loading trucks and sending them to different places for different people and different reasons.

 Let’s just put it this way, our trucks get around… In a good way of course! Whether you are moving to Colorado or relocating from Colorado, we want to be your nationwide expert movers.  So, sit back and relax, just tell us when and where and we will take care of the rest. Trust us to take care of you.

Specializing in Commercial Moving

It’s important to know that we are the ONLY moving and storage company in Northern Colorado which is certified, trained and equipped to perform large commercial moves. If you need a commercial mover, we strongly recommend you choose someone you can trust – this is no time to make a mistake!

We focus on five goals when we perform your commercial move:

1) Be careful: to move all items—especially servers, computers and expensive equipment – from origin to destination in good condition.

2) Reduce downtime & expense: one way to reduce overall relocation expense? You can minimize downtime via our logistical processes. FYI – a Commercial Move Coordinator will give you a well-researched cost-of-moving estimate, so you’ll have a solid idea of how much time and money you’ll need to anticipate – long before your move begins.

3) Correctly place items: make sure all items—especially important and/or confidential files – are put in the correct area or office.

4) Keep safe and quiet: Exodus honors all corporate security and confidentiality requirements.

5) Keep on schedule: Exodus Moving and Storage makes a solid commitment to the schedule so that nothing falls through the cracks, all department-specific requirements are met and moving times are efficient. The sooner you get back to work, the faster you can get back to making money.

For the 12 years we’ve been in business in Northern Colorado, Exodus Moving and Storage has garnered praise and testimonials  from many satisfied companies. Our customers’ remark on our profound organizational difference: we move offices as they should be moved: with proper planning for space allowances, smart approaches to the transfer of files and ‘loose materials,” strong leadership demonstrated by our Move Coordinators, painstaking attention to detail, and commitment to your full satisfaction.

If you have a commercial move coming up, please contact us to see how we can help.

Terminology Tuesday!

Terminology Tuesday!

Depending on the move, the specifics and details can get confusing. That’s why we created Terminology Tuesdays where each week we will go over five moving terms that will help you have a better understanding of your moving process. Be sure to check out our archives, we’ll be doing this each week. Enjoy!

Agent – an affiliated moving company authorized to act on behalf of the van line. The agent may handle the booking, origin, hauling and/or destination services.

Booking Agent – accepts the order for the customer’s move and registers it with the van line. The booking agent may or may not be the origin or destination agent.

Origin agent – the agent designated in the origin area to be available for preliminary readying of the shipment before movement and/or to provide information regarding the customer’s move. 

Cash on Delivery (COD) – shipments where the customer pays the moving charges at the time of delivery. For COD shipments, payment is required in cash or by traveler’s check, money order or cashier’s check. If a credit card is used, it must be arranged with the booking agent because authorization is required prior to loading. In most cases, personal checks are not accepted.

Method of Payment – payment must be in the form of cash, money order, a bank cashier’s check, traveler’s or a credit card. Credit card payment must be pre-approved prior to loading. In some cases, personal checks are not accepted.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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