How to Ship a Car Cross Country

Just the other day, Larry Brown asked us an interesting question. A colleague in the community and owner of one of the few honest auto mechanics in Denver, he wanted to know if Exodus Moving and Storage moves cars across the country. We were happy to answer, yes.

As a truly full service moving company, at Exodus, we are ready and able to help you relocate anything and everything that you own with the care and precision of our professional moving experience. Vehicle shipping is no exception. We understand that an important part of relocation is not only moving your home items safely and securely, but also making sure that all vehicles arrive on time and intact as well, when shipping your car long distance.

There are several things you want to make sure you check and consider when taking a car across country. Some of these things are more important than others. But when you are moving either to or from Colorado, it is vital to remember that not only is your body adjusting to the increase or decrease in altitude, so is your car. The following is a list created by Exodus and Davis Auto to help you with shipping your car.

Tire Pressure

It’s important to make sure this is checked when entering your new city to avoid blow outs or other damage.

Gas Tank

Make sure you are at ¼ tank or LESS for auto transport to ensure that there is enough to drive it a short distance but not too much to create a potential hazard.


Don’t forget to give all keys to the doors & ignition to your movers. Also make certain to have a spare set in case of emergency.

Your Belongings

Make certain to remove all personal items from vehicle.

Check Inside

Before and after the transport of your car its important to check your battery to make sure that it is fully charged. It is also good to check for fluid leaks.

Once your vehicle has been shipped by Exodus and has arrived safely at its new destination, the best way to make sure your car is as happy as you are with your new home is to take it into a local reliable dealer .

We suggest getting an oil change and mentioning to the mechanic just how far from its original destination your car is. Ask them to spend a little extra time to make sure your car is transitioning as well into its new environment as you are.

Spotlight on St. Johns Newfoundland

When our drivers move you, they sometimes get to go far beyond their own backyard. This occupational exploration is just one of the major pros to working with Exodus. Recently, we helped with a move that took us a bit over the Atlantic to a fascinating place in North America that some people don’t know about. Our driver grabbed a few pictures before jumping back on the ferry in Port A Basque back to Nova Scotia. In this great opportunity to take  a load of life to a very interesting place, we went to St John’s Newfoundland.

The History

The most recent addition to the Canadian provinces, St John’s Newfoundland is a beautiful place with an extremely rich heritage. With visits from Vikings and ancient burial areas created by Native Americans, this area has a documented history that dates back over 9000 years. With about 500 years as a “colonized” location under its belt, it is rich with both native and European influences. Remaining an independent British colony until 1949, it is the youngest province in Canada which is surely a factor that contributes to its overall intrigue.

The Place

The capitol city of Newfoundland and Labrador, St John’s is the largest and most rapidly growing city on the island of Newfoundland. As the oldest English-founded city in North America and as a result of its location on the Avalon Peninsula, this place boasts both a dynamic historical and geographical draw. With over 3000 miles of snowmobile trails alone, this vast area is fantastic for fishing and hiking and is home to 3 national parks and 18 wildlife reserves. Animal lovers can enjoy everything from moose to whale watching. For those who enjoy natural wonders, St John’s provides everything rare flora and fauna, icebergs and berry picking. Because of its long history as a simple and relatively untouched place with regard to industry, it remains full of natural wonders offering solitude. But as a result of its somewhat recent Canadian status, it is increasingly becoming a center for art and culture as its community is building. It feels as though the past and present seem to collide in St John’s making it an amazing place to visit or move to.

Random Facts & Insights

Newfoundland has its own time zone as a result of its location and the fact that it was a separate dominion when time zones were originally created. For this reason it is 3.5 hours from Greenwich Mean Time year round.

Although English is the national language, because of the unique colonization in Newfoundland, the people have created their very own dictionary containing completely unique words and phrases called the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

Handle With Care. How To Get Your Pet There.

So you have decided to make the decision to move abroad. It’s easy to focus on how to prepare ourselves for the big travel day but we cannot forget about our four legged friends and their safety when traveling. We have provided a few pointers that we feel you can benefit from when it comes to mpet_travel_dog3oving internationally with your pet.

First things first, we suggest that you contact the local consulate of the destination country; you need to know the pet requirements regarding quarantine and other strict standards. Remember, pets also need documentation for travel but don’t forget that each country abides by different regulations so make sure you do some research!

Find an airline that will work for you. Being comfortable and confident of your pet’s well being when traveling internationally is important for any pet owner; so we suggest you communicate with a few different airline companies to find one that will work best for you and help you feel at ease with your pet’s safety.

It may or may not be time for a checkup but it’s important to visit the vet before your day of departure. This will help you get clarity regarding any questions and concerns for your pet’s health.

Limit your pet’s food intake before the day of travel but allow regular water access because dehydration can be very dangerous to your pet’s health.  It is also important to allow your pet any physical activity before the day of travel.

Even though your pet may be out of your sight when you are traveling, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for the airline to care for your pet. To ensure the best care for your pet, double check that the crate in which your pet will travel in, is large enough for them to lay down comfortably and to turn around and stand freely.  Mark the crate with a sign that reads “Live Animal- This Side Up” including your name, address and telephone number. Provide two bowls and enough food for your pet, in case of any delays or emergencies.

Pick a Place! Any Place…

Imudf you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? Seriously anywhere…  Think about it, from the deep sea reefs of Australia to the tallest snowcapped peak in Nepal all the way to the romantic setting of the Eiffel tower.  Well, it’s fun to think about but then, reality starts setting in and you might realize that the dream of moving to the sandy beaches of Fiji may not be possible for where you are at in life right now. But rest assured because if the day shall come where the option of moving to your dream destination becomes a possibility, we can and will help make it happen. Long story short, we will first get all your belongings to the coast, whether it be east or west, then from there your things will be loaded onto a ship bound for your destination. We will even go one step further and arrange for services at your destination to bring your items to your door. What a great welcome to your new home gift!

We have experience with moving people and things from all over the world! Just because it is a big world does not mean moving across it needs to become a big problem. We are experienced international movers, relocating people to places all over the world- Australia, Israel, France, Libya (that was a tricky one), Japan, Turkey, ect, ect, ect (and the world goes on).

We can move anyone literally anywhere in the WORLD, we are your international moving company. So when and if you ever need to move abroad, lets us be the ones to make it happen!

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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