Long Distance Moving With Companies Like Ours Shouldn’t Be Hard

When it comes to long distance, many moving companies tend to shy away from such ventures. The expenses that are involved in moving someone across the state, or a continent, can be quite large. However, this is not the case with us. We realize that people’s lives are dependent upon the jobs that they pursue. These jobs can lead individuals all over the United States and maybe even further. So, if you really do need a move for job and you don’t want to add the hassle of renting a U-hall and unloading everything yourself, then getting a moving company like us who will move you long distances is very beneficial.

We’re not like many of those moving companies, long distance moving for us is something that we’re proud to offer. We realize that people’s lives will take them all over the globe and are excited for you to experience these new things. We don’t feel that moving should be a hindrance in such matters. So before you decide to go trotting off to a self move store in order to rent a truck, try doing a little bit of research first on what is offered. Some of the best national moving companies offer worldwide services that are not dependent upon boundaries.

We think that’s actually one of the biggest hurdles is finding something without those boundaries. A company that is willing to look past the country you live in and help you find a place to call home. It’s kind of like the saying goes. Home is where the heart is. The thing about that same though is even if your heart is in the right place, if your belongings of your likely to be unhappy. So let us help you to have your heart and your belongings in the correct place by allowing us to be your long distance moving company. We don’t care if you’re moving from Ft Collins to Liverpool, we want to help you get there and feel safe secure and set up. 

The Truth About Denver Moving

Not all Denver moving companies are based in the inner city. Denver is a very large place which incorporates multiple counties underneath its name. This means that from Westminster all away down to  Santa Fe you could be considered in Denver County. Take our business for example, we are based in Ft Collins but we still service the Denver area.

Being only an hour and a half or so away, we have ample opportunities to move people around the state. Let’s say for example that you live in Ft Collins and you want to hire a Denver moving company to move you down to Littleton. Hiring us would mean that you could easily move down and be at your job whenever you need to be.

The point behind a moving company is not just to move your stuff to your home, but to help you set it up a little bit. We understand how busy people can be these days and it’s just part of the job. The point is though, it’s not required for you to be in “Denver” to hire a Denver moving company. Simply generalizing that entire area as Denver leaves of very large area to cover. Besides, we have moved people all over the world from Colorado, Denver is really a cakewalk compared to some of the places.

Overseas shipping is not something that we are strangers to, though we will admit that’s a rather expensive endeavor. At any rate though, the point behind this post is to state that the generalization of a Denver moving company is not necessarily a true one. It is simply branding that states we are part of a greater deal of home moving companies in the general area. Now, deciding between a moving company is a little bit more of a challenge, but that’s what the Internet is for and if you’re reading this blog it’s likely that you’ve already made up your mind.

Moving Abroad Checklist: 6 Things You Need to Know

Planning to move abroad for the first time can be a scary, daunting task full of questions and uncertainty. What will the country I’m going to be like? What should I take? How do I pack? How much will it cost? Where can I go for help? If you’re lucky, your best friend just got back from living in your destination country for five years and has all the answers and advice in the world. However, if you’re like the majority of us within U.S. borders, knowing where to turn for helpful moving abroad advice takes a little research. Here are some starting points for your moving abroad checklist:

  1. Know where you’re going, not just the name of the country! Educate yourself as much as possible about your new home, even if you don’t (yet) speak the language. Sure, they speak English in England and have various other minor similarities, but there are quite a few differences as well besides the fact that they drive on the other side of the road that you may not want to wait to find out until you get there. Whether you’re going to England or India it helps to be prepared for your time abroad. (For the most accurate country information about your destination, check out the CIA World Factbook.)
  2. Take what you need and only sometimes what you want. What to take with you will depend greatly on how long you plan to stay and where you’re going. If you’re planning on living in China for one year it may be safer and wiser to leave behind your grandmother’s irreplaceable heirlooms and your house full of family photos in the trusting hands of friends or a reputable storage company. However, if you’ll be in Canada for five years just across the border from your sister in New York, you may feel a little more comfortable bringing your favorite pair of Grandma’s earrings that you wear every year at Christmas. (After you’ve checked the CIA World Factbook to find out how safe your destination is, be sure to inquire about your international mover’s insurance policies. Your international mover should also share with you a list of non-allowables, some of which are standard such as perishables, and some of which will vary depending on your destination country’s laws, such as taking last season’s swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated to Saudi Arabia.)
  3. Pack only what you need immediately and leave the rest to your international mover. Pack your clothes, pack your shoes, and pack your kids’ clothes and shoes. Basically, pack as if you’re going to Disneyland for two weeks, except in most cases leave behind your curling iron and electric razor. Your destination country will most likely run on a different voltage and frequency, and even if you find an adapter for the plug, you’ll probably also need a converter, and by then you could have already bought yourself a new curling iron and electric razor in your new country and not even had to worry about whether or not you’re going to blow the circuit and forever destroy your electric item. Leave behind large bottles of shampoo and conditioner also. You can’t fly with it, and it will hold up your shipment in customs if you try to send it with your household items. The people in the country you’re moving to have to wash their hair as well, so you’ll always be able to find shampoo once you get where you’re going. (If you’re curious to see just what the voltage and frequency of the country you’re going to is or if they might {fingers crossed!} use the same as we do so that you can actually take your favorite electric razor, check out a global electric directory.)
  4. Again, pack only what you need immediately and leave the rest to your international mover. Whether your couch, your dishes or your miscellaneous personal items that will be sent along with your ocean shipment, let your international mover do the packing. Even if you do the packing, they will still need to go through each box individually to account for every item packed to submit to customs. If a box is not properly identified with all of its contents, it will be held up at customs and the delivery date of your shipment will at best be delayed for a few days or at worst returned and never delivered to you at all. Furthermore, your international mover will know the tricks of the trade to pack your beloved items properly so that they don’t break while traveling across the high seas or air. Storms and turbulence do happen, so let your international mover be sure your things are secured as well as possible.
  5. Get a free quote for your international move! The only way to find out how much something is going to cost is to go straight to the movers themselves. Be sure to ask what is included in the quote package and remember, the lowest cost is not always the best deal, especially when moving abroad! There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an international move, so your number one priority should be safety and security. (Get started with a free quote!)
  6. Talk to as many resources as possible. Besides your international mover, look for Expat groups on Facebook, register with the U.S. embassy in your destination country or contact a local Consulate in the U.S. that represents the country you are moving to. You can never have too much information! Research, research, research. (Search this list of U.S. embassies abroad.)

This international moving checklist is only meant to get you started, so don’t stop here! Keep asking for moving abroad advice wherever you can, and be sure to use a qualified international mover who can also help guide you through the process. After that, keep an open mind in your destination country and enjoy the journey that awaits you!

Fresh Place Friday Spotlight on Calgary

If you have checked out  our new website, you have probably picked up on how proud we are of our Colorado roots.  And while we all love to travel, trying to convince the professionals who make up the Exodus team that there are more beautiful places to live than CO is a little like telling a tree there are better places to grow.  But we are also proud of the fact that we have branched out to become Colorado’s premier national and international moving and storage company.  And since we can move you all the way up to Canada, that is the focus of this Fresh Place Friday: Calgary, a city far away yet familiar.

Location, Location

Calgary is a little over a thousand miles due northwest.  It sits between the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Prairies, tied together by the Bow River.

It was founded in the late 19th century as a hub of the fur trade, but the boom times were saved for the energy price explosion of the 1970’s.  It became the urban center it is today, with a gorgeous skyline that punctuates the natural beauty of Alberta.

The Western Scene

Calgary is a western city in every sense.  Its premier event is the Calgary Stampede, a world class rodeo that draws thousands of visitors every July.  The Calgary Stampede is also an international agricultural and livestock showcase, and hosts a huge parade as well as the world’s premier chuckwagon race.   The bottom line is: if you have the prairie and ranch itch, Calgary is one of the great places to get it scratched, not only at this event, but year-round.

The same goes for cold weather sports.  Many remember when Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, so they know the mountains are the snow capped versions of skier Shangri-La.  Calgary produces many of the international-class athletes that stand up for Canada on podiums around the world.

But you don’t have to compete to have fun.  Not only are there great slopes for people to enjoy, there are sporting activities galore.  You can speed down the slopes or take it all in while fishing on the mighty Bow River.  If you are a spectator, grab a seat rink side for some of the most passionate hockey you will ever experience.

There is also a wonderful cosmopolitan vibe in Calgary.  It is a destination for Broadway musicals and hosts arts festivals of all kinds.  Whether you like film, the philharmonic, or even spoken word, there is always something new to experience.

There is so much more to this wonderful city, of course.  We have to say that it is pretty darn impressive.  We aren’t quite convinced that it is Colorado impressive, so we’ll staying put.  However, if you decide to make the move, we would be happy to take you there.

Maple Leaf Moving

Recently, our fearless leader, owner Ilan Levy took a little trip to Canada. Driving up through Montana, the purpose of his journey was more than just a road trip garnering lovely pictures and making friends along the way. He was on a mission to solidify Exodus Moving and Storage’s ability to simply and effectively complete moves between the US and Canada.

Thanks to Ilans work, we are now fully set up to do moves to Canada, making our international moving network even more extensive and connected. By obtaining our Canadian Carrier Code this year and filing all the necessary Customs bonds, paperwork, etc. we are now able to move our clients to and from Canada with ease.

Who is the Canadian Border Services Agency?

The CBSA has been an important part of the Public Safety Portfolio since December 2003. It was created to protect Canadians and to help maintain a safe and peaceful society. The President of the CBSA reports directly to the Minister of Public Safety Canada and controls and manages all matters relating to the agency.

The main values of this organization are integrity, respect and professionalism.To ensure the safety and success of Canada by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada, the agency is responsible for providing integrated border services that support national security and the priorities of public safety. This is accomplished by facilitating the free flow of persons and goods, including animals and plants that meet all requirements under the program legislation.

For more information about the CBSA, check out their website.

How to Ship a Car Cross Country

Just the other day, Larry Brown asked us an interesting question. A colleague in the community and owner of one of the few honest auto mechanics in Denver http://davisrepair.com/, he wanted to know if Exodus Moving and Storage moves cars across the country. We were happy to answer, yes.

As a truly full service moving company, at Exodus, we are ready and able to help you relocate anything and everything that you own with the care and precision of our professional moving experience. Vehicle shipping is no exception. We understand that an important part of relocation is not only moving your home items safely and securely, but also making sure that all vehicles arrive on time and intact as well, when shipping your car long distance.

There are several things you want to make sure you check and consider when taking a car across country. Some of these things are more important than others. But when you are moving either to or from Colorado, it is vital to remember that not only is your body adjusting to the increase or decrease in altitude, so is your car. The following is a list created by Exodus and Davis Auto to help you with shipping your car.

Tire Pressure

It’s important to make sure this is checked when entering your new city to avoid blow outs or other damage.

Gas Tank

Make sure you are at ¼ tank or LESS for auto transport to ensure that there is enough to drive it a short distance but not too much to create a potential hazard.


Don’t forget to give all keys to the doors & ignition to your movers. Also make certain to have a spare set in case of emergency.

Your Belongings

Make certain to remove all personal items from vehicle.

Check Inside

Before and after the transport of your car its important to check your battery to make sure that it is fully charged. It is also good to check for fluid leaks.

Once your vehicle has been shipped by Exodus and has arrived safely at its new destination, the best way to make sure your car is as happy as you are with your new home is to take it into a local reliable dealer http://www.cartalk.com/content/mechx/ .

We suggest getting an oil change and mentioning to the mechanic just how far from its original destination your car is. Ask them to spend a little extra time to make sure your car is transitioning as well into its new environment as you are.

Spotlight on St. Johns Newfoundland

When our drivers move you, they sometimes get to go far beyond their own backyard. This occupational exploration is just one of the major pros to working with Exodus. Recently, we helped with a move that took us a bit over the Atlantic to a fascinating place in North America that some people don’t know about. Our driver grabbed a few pictures before jumping back on the ferry in Port A Basque back to Nova Scotia. In this great opportunity to take  a load of life to a very interesting place, we went to St John’s Newfoundland.

The History

The most recent addition to the Canadian provinces, St John’s Newfoundland is a beautiful place with an extremely rich heritage. With visits from Vikings and ancient burial areas created by Native Americans, this area has a documented history that dates back over 9000 years. With about 500 years as a “colonized” location under its belt, it is rich with both native and European influences. Remaining an independent British colony until 1949, it is the youngest province in Canada which is surely a factor that contributes to its overall intrigue.

The Place

The capitol city of Newfoundland and Labrador, St John’s is the largest and most rapidly growing city on the island of Newfoundland. As the oldest English-founded city in North America and as a result of its location on the Avalon Peninsula, this place boasts both a dynamic historical and geographical draw. With over 3000 miles of snowmobile trails alone, this vast area is fantastic for fishing and hiking and is home to 3 national parks and 18 wildlife reserves. Animal lovers can enjoy everything from moose to whale watching. For those who enjoy natural wonders, St John’s provides everything rare flora and fauna, icebergs and berry picking. Because of its long history as a simple and relatively untouched place with regard to industry, it remains full of natural wonders offering solitude. But as a result of its somewhat recent Canadian status, it is increasingly becoming a center for art and culture as its community is building. It feels as though the past and present seem to collide in St John’s making it an amazing place to visit or move to.

Random Facts & Insights

Newfoundland has its own time zone as a result of its location and the fact that it was a separate dominion when time zones were originally created. For this reason it is 3.5 hours from Greenwich Mean Time year round.

Although English is the national language, because of the unique colonization in Newfoundland, the people have created their very own dictionary containing completely unique words and phrases called the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

Defining Your Distance

All moves are not created equal. This is an important concept that every professional mover is all too aware of. There are household moves and commercial moves. There are local moves and international moves. And as mentioned in previous blogs, it is vastly important to understand all the terminology that might be used in the wording of your moving contract. The following are terms that have to do with how far you want your moving company to take you.


An important thing to understand about your move is exactly how accessible your entrances and exits are to the large moving trucks that your company will be using. You can always measure this yourself or find out from your real estate agent. A Long Carry charge is the fee added when your movers have to carry items an “excessive distance” between the truck and their final destination. If there is no driveway access or temporary parking is unavailable on your street, you may incur fees that you weren’t expecting. It is important to check with each company to find out exactly what their allowance is in distance before they start to charge a Long Carry fee.


The Operating Authority is the name given to a certification officially administered by either the state or national government. This regulatory documentation authorizes professional movers to transfer goods from one place to another and is usually defined to a specific geographical area or region. While there are 4 main kinds of Operating Authorities, it is most vital to make sure that your preferred mover is licensed to move your home of office from point A to point B. This becomes especially important for long distance moves where you will be crossing state or national lines. Asking questions about this kind of regulation on the front end, can not only help you to select an appropriate mover, but can help you to avoid extra charges and complications during your actual move.

Globe Trotting Peace of Mind

When it comes time to make your international move, there are many things to consider. Among them is how to transport the things you need with you and store the things you don’t. Exodus offers a myriad of options to suit both great and small needs and requests. In addition to facilitating local household and commercial storage, we are also trained to expertly assist in every aspect of your long distance move. We provide shipping supplies including overseas containers (20’ x 8.5’) and semi-trailers (48 feet long) for larger international moves. We also maintain a warehouse with both regular and climate controlled facilities utilizing 24 hour security and surveillance to ensure the safety of those things left behind.

Pain in the Behind: Airline Restrictions

Flying these days can truly be a pain in the behind with all of the rules and regulations nearly strangling the luxury right out of flying and travel overall. With the amount of terrorism that has flooded in the world these measures are thankfully made to protect our people nationwide and worldwide. As moving can be stressful enough and if you’re having to fly to your new home, the airport setting can make things much more strained and uncomfortable if you are not prepared and expecting what you have coming to you.

Bags Most airlines these days are going to charge you a fee for bags from anywhere from $15-$25 per bag. The second checked bag is also usually more expensive than the first. However if you are travelling on Southwest Airlines, you are granted 2 free bags to check–no hoops, no catches, just free. If you are looking to save or compare how much your favorite airline is charging per bag, check out http://www.airfarewatchdog.com/blog/3801089/airline-baggage-fees-chart-updated/

Carry On This luggage is a lot of times the preference for many to travel with–exclusively. Not only does it guarantee that your luggage arrives with you (as it is with you) but it also saves you, in most cases, loads of cash. The average carry on measurements 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or an average of 45″ total. Don’t depend on luggage that guarantees that it is “airline restriction friendly”–bring your measuring tape.

Pets Certain airlines let you carry on your animals for a reasonable fee on board if it can fit underneath your seat. If not, you must check your animal in the cargo storage area with the rest of the luggage. Also, check the regulations for your destination and see if there is a quarantine period to keep your dog (usually about 30 days)

Security Make sure that you don’t get caught up here! Have your Passport/ID ready along with your boarding pass. Once at the scanner area, take off your shoes, coat, scarfs, any metal on your body and put it in the bins. If carrying a computer, take it out of the bag and put it directly into a bin. Also, any liquids that you carry must be under 3 ounces and in a clear container. If you don’t adhere to the rules they don’t care how much your $70 shampoo scalp treatment is, it’ll go in the trash! For more info, check out http://www.tsa.gov/

Checking In You can usually check in online, or even on your iPhone if your airline has an application to do so. If you would like to expedite the process, check out the skycap area (usually outside of the airport terminal that your airline belongs to) these lines go much faster and are shorter. Have your ID/Passport and reservation code ready to go.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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