Why Getting Up and Moving Is Important

It has long been known that living a sedentary lifestyle can put people at a greater risk for Type II Diabetes and for developing heart disease. But, moving throughout the day is also important for your mental well-being. Staying confined to a desk or sitting down all day long is hard on your body.

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While we typically focus on moving things like boxes as your Boulder movers, Exodus Moving and Storage is all about your well-being in all aspects of life, so here are a few different kinds of moving tips for you to check out!

How to Move At Work

Many workplaces are a lot better than they were in past years where exercise is concerned. Some offices provide employees with desks that can be raised (so that employees can stand up while working), and other offices give employees discounts on neighborhood gyms and exercise programs. But if you happen to work in a place that doesn’t do any of these things, you can still make an effort to move during the day while you are at work.

1. Stand up and stretch in all directions: bend down and touch your toes, reach for the sky, do a few air squats, and move your arms all around – sure, people might look at you funny at first, but we’re betting your colleagues soon join in the fun.

2. Go outside during your lunch break. Many of us have formed the bad habit of eating at our desks. While it might seem like eating lunch at your desk is the best and fastest way to get through that stack of work, the truth is that getting up and walking around outside will help you generate a creative spark much better and faster than sitting at a desk all day.

3. Make your break time exercise time. Bring running shoes to your office, and go for a run or walk during any break that you have. All it take is fifteen minutes of fresh air and sunshine to feel better and gain energy.

4. Start a sports program at work. Company teams are a lot of fun, so why not start one?

5. Try squatting at your desk instead of sitting in a chair. Take ten minutes, remove your chair, and just sit in a squat – your quadraceps will thank you, and your whole core will feel tighter as a result.

Why Moving Matters

Humans weren’t meant to sit at desks all day (really!), and our bodies can take a real beating when we are forced to sit down all day and stare at a screen. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle lead to things like high blood pressure and diabetes, but your muscles can start to cramp up and your mind can become fatigued just by sitting down all day long. It can be hard to get used to moving regularly at first (if you aren’t used to it), but five to ten minutes per day is all it takes. Once you get into moving on a regular basis, you’ll crave those minutes!

If you need help moving things like furniture and boxes, that’s where Exodus Moving and Storage can really lend a hand. Our Boulder movers will get your stuff where it needs to go quickly and expertly, and you can count on our Boulder moving company to be there when you expect us. Call our team of Boulder movers today for a quote or additional information, and see why our Boulder moving company is loved by all of our clients.

You can also find Exodus Moving and Storage on Facebook – we look forward to connecting with you there too. In the meantime, get up and move!

7 Signs You’re Ready to Live Together

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As a Colorado moving company, we like to help out our clients with all aspects of moving from figuring out how to pack to finding fun stuff to do in town. This includes helping you with a bit of life help too, like when to know it’s time to move in with someone. Since moving all of your stuff from your comfortable home to another place can be a huge change, we thought we’d put together some useful tips on the topic – just so you can figure out when it’s time to move, and when to stay put!

Signs It’s Time to Move In

1. You both want the same things, and you have the same goals: this is a really important thing to think about because it’s hard to live with someone (in a romantic way) without having the same future goals. If you haven’t discussed this yet, maybe it’s not time to move.

2. You can stand spending every waking hour with someone: everyone fights, and every relationship can be really hard at times – but, loving someone unconditionally means that you can easily get past those hard times. Further, wanting to spend every moment with someone means that you are ready to share a living space.

3. You know what it’s like to wake up next to that person: living with someone is a lot different than simply going on dates and going home. If you haven’t actually spent the night with your partner, make sure to do that first (things can look a lot different in the morning!).

4. You understand each other’s financial situations: the biggest romance killer is money, or money issues. Make sure you know what kinds of financial stresses your partner has, so that there’s no big shock when a bill is due and your partner starts to panic.

5. You’ve had a few fights: fighting with someone that you love can be really hard, but the relationships that last are those that get past the first few fights. What does it feel like after a fight? Do you make up quickly, work things out, learn to negotiate? All of these things make for a really solid relationship.

6. You know what the other person likes to do – and you can easily give that person their freedom without a fight: if you go out with different groups of friends now, that probably isn’t going to change once you live together. Remember who the person you’re moving in with is, and be okay with how that person works.

7. You’ve traveled together: you never really know someone until you’ve taken the time to travel with that person. If you haven’t been on vacation together, try a mini-trip before you move.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving might actually be the hard part in this situation. Why? Because moving in together could mean getting rid of a bunch of things that you have – but don’t sell things quite yet. Exodus offers storage space for your stuff, so you can rent out a space, keep some of your things, and see if you can sneak them into your new home eventually (or know that you still have your stuff if you need to move out).

As a full service Colorado moving company, we can help you when it comes to any aspect of moving from packing to lifting the fridge up a flight of stairs – but we can’t pick your partner for you! If you need help moving from a reliable Colorado moving company, call Exodus today – or find us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to give you a moving quote quickly, so you can get on with your life!

Call today for a moving quote.


Would Moving Your Business Would Be Smart?

Businesses relocated every day. But how can you be sure when it’s time to move? There are a few telltale signs that you need to relocate – and some that should indicate that moving wouldn’t be the best idea. As your movers in Fort Collins, we have a few tips for you that will help you figure out when it’s time to move your business.

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1. Things aren’t kept well: if you are currently running a company out of a building that isn’t kept in good condition, you may want to move. Things that can be cause for breaking a lease include leaky roofs, broken windows, and other structural problems that are having a negative impact on your daily profits and company life.

2. You aren’t getting enough foot traffic: not all businesses run on foot traffic, and it may not make sense for you to seek out a more visible location if you don’t expect or need any traffic from the street. But if you’re selling items that require people to come into your store to purchase things, you’ll want to make sure that your company is visible. Move to get more foot traffic if it makes sense.

3. You need a much bigger space: have you outgrown your current space? If you find yourself cramming inventory into nooks and crannies, and you can’t quite figure out where to put all that other stuff you want to order, it might be time to upgrade.

4. The rent has skyrocketed: are you making enough money to keep paying that rent? If not, it might be time to move.

5. You’re being forcefully moved: sometimes, developers purchase a building with the intent on tearing it down. When this happens, the space that you are renting now might not exist in a few months, or you may be forced to move to a newer, and more expensive, space.

All of these reasons would give anyone good cause to move a business. That said, there are also some instances when moving doesn’t make any sense at all.

When Not to Move Your Business

1. All of your employees live far away from the new location. Unless you want to start the hiring process all over again, moving to a new place may not be the best idea.

2. The cost of a new space is higher. This only makes sense if you are making more money, and if you have been making more money at a steady pace for some time. Otherwise, spending more on a different space is silly.

3. Balancing two spaces will kill your profits. What will you do while you prepare to move to the new place? In most cases, you will have to keep pay the old rent while also paying the new rent to reserve the new space. Make sure to add up these costs, and only move if you can afford to juggle both spaces.

4. Your clients are in one specific area. If you have a steady clientele that lives in one location, be prepared to lose some of these customers if you move. Yes, some people will go to your new spot, but most won’t.

Getting There in One Piece

If you do decide to make a move, you’ll want to go through the moving process as effectively and quickly as possible – this means hiring movers in Fort Collins, like Exodus, to help you with all of your items. As movers in Fort Collins, we have a lot of experience moving businesses of all kinds, and we even offer storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store anything you can’t bring to your new space right away. Call us today for a moving quote, or to find out more information before you get that free moving quote. In the meantime, make sure to consider the pros and cons of moving carefully before you make this decision!

7 Great Road Trip Games

If you’re moving to Fort Collins, you probably have a long trip ahead of you. You could listen to music or watch movies along the way, but why not add a road trip game or two into the mix?

Michael Gil

Hay CC Photo Courtesy of Michael Gil

Road trip games are fun, kids love them – and even if you don’t have kids, these games are fun for adults to play too. Take a look!

1. I Spy: here’s a classic car game – simply pick something that you “spy,” and let others guess what that things is. Example: “I spy something yellow…”

2. License plate games: how many license plates can people in your car spot? Make a list, and see who gets the most plates.

3. Ghost story tales: let everyone in the car make up a story or two on your drive. You may find that some are so good; you’ll forget that they are made up!

4. Words on plates: all license plates have letters, but not all plates spell something out – until you play this game, at least! Have everyone make up the things that a plate “says.” Example: RRH could mean “really, rather, happy.” See how much fun that could be?

5. The forbidden word: tell everyone at the start of a trip that one word cannot be spoken during the trip. If you have kids, pick a word that your kids say all the time like “oh my god!” If you don’t have kids, pick a word that’s hard not to use like “the.”

6. Play the rather game: this one is popular at parties too, but the “rather” game is rather fun! It goes like this: ask someone, “would you rather…” and then pick something. Example: “would you rather ride a camel or eat the world’s hottest pepper?”

7. Let people play DJ: it can be fun to make a song list, but letting other people in the car pick songs is fun too. Why not let someone else be the DJ, or take turns playing lists of really fun songs?

8. Choose a color: pick a color, and let everyone find something that color along the way. You can also let everyone pick a color, and determine who has to find an object that color. If you choose really odd colors like teal, you’ll have a lot of fun with this game.

9. Choose your adventure: this one is best played with adults, and it makes a really fun road trip game for two people. Let the person you’re traveling with choose something crazy and fun that’s outside of the car. Example: we’re going on a swimming adventure when we pass the next lake or river – and then proceed to jump in.

10. Spelling bee: find a list of words that are hard to spell, and go through those words when you are traveling, asking everyone to try and spell the word (just don’t drive and read the list at the same time).

Moving to Fort Collins

If you are moving to Fort Collins, let us help you get here. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company offering all moving services in addition to large storage space in both Fort Collins and Denver. Call us today for quotes and for anything else that you might need on your move. You can also look at this blog for additional moving and storage tips.

It’s easy to let people listen to music or tune into movies on a road trip, but those trips can be a lot of fun if you play a few games along the way. Test out some of the games listed above, and let us know if you have any other games that you like to play – post here or on Facebook.

Moving Away From Elderly Parents

Watching your parents age isn’t an easy thing, but it’s easier to keep tabs on them as they age when you live in the same town. But what happens when you have to move for work or for another reason, and your parents don’t have any other relatives around? This isn’t an ideal situation, but it absolutely happens to some people – and as your Colorado moving company, we’d like to give you some tips.

Jenny Downing

Serenity CC Photo Courtesy of Jenny Downing

1. Make sure that your parents have some kind of tech. Now, if your parents have never used a cellphone before and don’t know how to turn on a computer, you owe it to them to sign them  up for some classes. They should have a really good grasp of this technology before you move, so that they can speak with you via Skype, or call you from their cellphone when you are needed.

2. Offer to pay for their cellphone plan. Once again, you are moving away, so it’s up to you to shoulder this responsibility. You can get a basic plan that lets them call you. 3. Build a social circle. If your parents live in the same area that they’ve always lived in, they probably have a few friends to call on. If they don’t have any friends, try and find some activities for them to join, so that they have a few people to hang out with.

4. Offer to take them with you. If you are moving to another place for work, think about finding a home that’s big enough to accommodate your parents, or find a retirement home in the area where they can live comfortably – this might be a big fight, so be prepared, and call your Colorado moving company if they do decide to go along with the plan without a fight.

5. Consider hiring a nurse or a housekeeper. Make things easier for your parents in your absence. You can hire someone to cook meals, to clean the house, or to take care of any aren’t that has special medical needs.

6. Look into community programs. Some communities offer various senior programs that are free or relatively inexpensive. Find out if any of these things are available in your area.

7. Be kind and patient. Your parents aren’t going to like the fact that you’re moving, but you can’t put your life on hold either. This is a tough decision to make, and you can expect some anger coming from their side. In some cases, family counseling might be appropriate as well, so don’t rule out the power that a levelheaded mediator can have.

8. Get the moving wheels in motion. You don’t need to worry about moving details while you’re trying to iron out things with your parents. By hiring a reliable Colorado moving company, you can worry about those other details – and not about what box goes where.

9. Make visiting plans. Buy some open-ended plane tickets, and give these to your parents, so that they can visit you whenever they want to. Or, send tickets to your parents regularly, so that they can simply visit you when they are missing your company.

It’s really hard to move away from your elderly parents, and the distance will be tough. But if moving is the right thing for you to do in order to benefit your life and your future, no parent would want you to stay stuck in the present or past. Taking the time to make sure that everything is in place for your parents before you move is the best course of action. This way, the actual move won’t be so hard to do.

Call Exodus Moving and Storage if you need a long distance moving company, or if you have any other long distance moving questions. We’re happy to help!


8 Ways to Tell If a House Is Haunted

We’re still a few months away from Halloween, but finding out if a house is haunted before you move into that new home might be a good idea, right? Plus, its kind of fun to speculate whether or not a property has some ghostly tenants! If you’re curious about whether or not a place is haunted, take a look at these telltale signs from your Fort Collins movers.

1. Things move around: don’t freak out if there’s a gust of wind and something falls off of the kitchen counter – that’s not a ghost. But, you might want to take note of any objects eerily floating across floors or moving from room to room (unless you have a roommate or a cleaning lady).

ghost in newspaper

CC Image courtesy of Jon Feinstein via Flickr.

2. Noises happen: every home has “settling” noises, but noises that sound like knocking or banging might be something else entirely (spooky!).

3. Your pets freak out: if your cat seems to be “watching” something across the room, or your dog starts to bark at random things, you may have a ghost.

4. Your electronic devices suddenly start turning on and off: this is one of the biggest signs that your home may be haunted. If your phone suddenly starts blinking or a song starts playing, a ghost could be hanging around.

5. You just get that creeped out feeling when you’re alone. Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Well, maybe they are!

6. Frightening nightly dreams: do you wake up with a feeling of panic? Do you have recurring dreams about someone that you don’t know? Do you feel like someone is trying to harm you when you’re sleeping? All of these things could be a sign that someone is attempting to reach out to you from the other side.

7. Strange shadows: this one is a dead giveaway – if you see any strange shadows or objects, you can bet it’s a ghost (or maybe just your cat casting a shadow on the wall!).

8. Signs on the bathroom mirror: okay, this one is really rare, and it’s usually reserved for horror movies, but if someone writes something on your bathroom mirror, you may want to move.

Speaking of Moving

If you suspect that your current home is haunted, you may be looking to move – and that’s just lucky because Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company (that also means that we’re furniture movers). As Fort Collins movers, we can help you move out of your haunted home, and into a home that’s free from ghosts. We also have large store rental spaces available in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store anything that you don’t want to bring to your new home with you (maybe an item or two that has some spooky history?).

For those of you looking to move to Colorado, you’ll find that most homes here have a past, but ghosts are few and far between. Plus, there are tons of things to do in Colorado – so many things that you’ll barely have time to stay at home and worry about things like ghosts! Call us today, your Fort Collins movers, about moving quotes, furniture movers, or storage rental spaces (we promise they’re not haunted!).

We also want to know if you have seen anything odd in your home. Do you have any good ghost stories to tell? Leave us a note on our Facebook page, and we’ll get back to you!


How to Choose a New School

If you have to move your family, you’re probably wondering how to choose the right school in a new town from where you’re currently located. Thankfully, the Internet exists, and using the Internet to help you research schools will be useful – but it’s not enough on its own. We’ve helped a lot of families move as movers in Fort Collins, and we’ve compiled some tips that you can use to successfully find a new school in your new town for your kids.

We love students who love reading sign.

CC Image courtesy of Enokson via Flickr.

1. Use the Internet to look at sites like greatschools.com – there are other sites, too, in different towns that highlight good schools, bad schools, and provide accurate descriptions of courses, teachers, and what certain schools are like (in addition to tuition prices for private schools).

2. Reach out as much as possible to people in the area. This is a simple thing to do if you plan to get a job in your new town, and you can ask your new employer to help you out with some recommendations, but if you aren’t going to get a job in your new town, you’ll need to use the internet some more. How? Social networks!

3. Get social. Look online for various social networking groups that pertain to your new town. Groups for parents are especially useful, and you can ask opinions about different schools from various parents that reside in the town. You might get some conflicting opinions, but you’ll be able to narrow down the selection using this information.

4. Consider the order that you want to move in. This one might sound funny, but you may want to think about finding a good school before you find a home or a job. You may know that you have to move to a certain area, but you don’t have to move to a certain neighborhood until you have had the time to properly explore the options. Look for ideal schools for your kids before you choose a home or apartment. This way, you can live in the area where your children will go to school, and you can choose the best school.

5. Find out more. Most schools will happily provide you with a package of information, or you can simply pick up the phone and ask about the school you are considering. If you plan to send your kids to a private school, you can also arrange a meeting and a school tour (this may apply to public schools too). Sometimes, the best way to really get to know what a school is like is to speak to people that work at the school, or visit the school and take a complete tour.

6. Take your time. If you have a few months before you move, take the time to really research your options. You may find that the schools that are the most popular aren’t the ones that are also a great match for your kids. Take into consideration the kinds of schools that are available, and try to match the schools in the area with the interests that your kids have.

Moving It All

Getting to where you need to go without any trouble is a godsend, and we can help you where your move is concerned (we’re also furniture movers!). We can also provide you with reasonable storage space options, and we can do much more too as movers in Fort Collins. As a full-service moving company, our mission is to make sure that your move is a smooth one, and that includes being furniture movers and more.

Call us today for an estimate or to find out what we can help you with – we’re your movers in Fort Collins! Moving your kids to a new school is never easy, but you can make it all easier if you spend some time finding the right school. Got any additional tips? Leave us a note on our Facebook page!

What’s the Real Cost of Repairing a Home?

House getting Repaired

Image Courtesy of Erin Easterling FLICKR

If you’re buying a home for the first time, don’t assume that the cost of the mortgage is the only cost you have to worry about. Home repairs can be pricey, and you have to consider regular repairs as part of the whole home package. Saving room in your budget for any possible home repairs is not only smart, is’t entirely necessary. Here’s a list of some of the common home fixes that you’ll have to make on a fairly regular basis.

Common Repairs

Roof: every 20 or so years.
Gutters: every 10 years (or longer).
Landscaping: every year
Appliances: every 10 years

Those are just the things that you will have to repair or replace on a regular basis. If you’ve found a home that you love but needs a ton of love, there are a lot of other costs to think about too.

Fixing Up a Home Costs

  • Ripping down/replacing wallpaper: around $300 per room (to remove paper and fix walls)
  • Electrical repairs: this can reach into the thousands, depending on the work needed.
  • Plumbing: again, this can be very expensive.
  • New wood floors: $800 – $1000 per room.
  • Painting: the cost of the paint and supplies if you are doing it yourself. If you’re hiring a painting crew, that number can reach into the thousands.
  • Windows: for a larger home, $2000 +
  • Foundation damage: this is one of the most expensive home repairs to make, and some foundations can cost as much as $10,000.
  • Water leakage issues: anywhere from 1,000+
  • Removing asbestos: $200-$400 per hour (typically)
  • Landscaping: $500+ depending on what you want to do.

As you can see, it costs a lot to repair a home that’s currently in shambles, so you’ll have to get a really good deal on the home cost if you want to go this route. What if you find a great old home with great old bones that you really love? You can move through each repair one step at a time. For example, you do need to get rid of any asbestos right away, but you don’t need to pait every room at one time. If you can move into a home and work on repairs while you are living there, you will be able to work with a budget.

What to Do First

One of the fastest ways to save money right away with an old home is to hire a home inspector to take a look at any cracks or leaks. If there are lots of cracks in windows, floors, and ceilings (and outdoor bricks), sealing those up right away will help save a lot of money when it comes to heating or cooling costs. Since you’ll have to heat or cool a home while you live there, making sure that these bills are affordable is a really good way to save some cash. You might also want to look into any government programs that reward homeowners for eco-friendly repairs or additions. If you can do it, look into instaling skylights and other solar-centered adjustments (you’ll save money on heating and cooling, and you might be able to get money back from the government as well).

The best time to purchase an old home in need of repair is during the spring months. This way, you can spend those warmer summer months making the necessary repairs, and work inside of a warmer home during the wintertime. Sure, it costs a ton of money to repair a home that needs some love, but it can be really worth the price and time if you wind up with a great old house that has been restored to its glory days – and the resale might not be bad either. In the end, it just takes some time and planning.

Moving Into Your New Home

When you find a home that you can’t imagine not living in, the repairs might be worth the cost and headaches! If you need to move into your new home, let us help you with one less headache by making your move a smooth one. Exodus Moving and Storage operates a full-service moving company that can help you with packing your bags, moving your stuff, and getting settled in your new home. Sometimes, you can’t imagine living anywhere else, and when that happens we’re here to help you out.

Call us today for a free moving estimate, to learn about our moving service options, to set up a time and date to move, or for any other details. We’re looking forward to working with you!

How to Move Your Fish (and Other Odd Animals)

Remember going to a fair when you were a kid, winning a goldfish, and then coming home only to find that the fish didn’t last the night? That’s the kind of scenario you’ll want to avoid when moving to a new location. Whether you have a goldfish or a turtle, moving pets in tanks is a whole different thing than move a dog or cat.


GoldfishHere are out best fish – and other odd animals – moving tips (from your favorite Denver moving company).


Moving Fish Friends


It might seem like a good idea to just move your fish in that safe and secure tank. Don’t do this. You have to move fish in two parts.


1. Move the tank.

2. Move the fish.


If you try to move the fish in the tank, you could wind up with fish that are out of water. Not a good idea! Here’s how to move your fish:


1. Purchase a proper holding container from a pet store.

2. Make sure that your fish are nice and happy in that container.

3. Drain your tank

4. Disassemble the tank completely


For short moves: do not clean your tank or filters. Cleaning these items will ruin the bacteria colony that you have created.


For longer moves: clean everything, and when you arrive at your destination, set up your tank like you did when you first purchased it.


Wait First


Since most people tend to move longer distances, the rest of this article will focus on moving fish long distance (or other odd animals!). We’ve already established that you have to clean your tank if you are moving far away. What we didn’t establish is that you can’t just throw your fish back in the tank once you are in your new place.


Just like a new tank, you will have to get that bacteria growing again, fix the water situation, and provide a nice home for your fish before they can move back into your tank. This will likely take a week or so to set up. If you have the chance to move your fish and tank prior to moving everything else, you may be able to set up your tank, so that your fish are situated before you move the rest of your home.


Now that we’ve covered fish, let’s talk turtles.


TurtleMoving Turtles


You will first need to purchase a deep container that has air holes in the top the box. Turtles will climb, so that container has to be deep enough to keep your turtles from climbing out of the box.


You will also need:


A towel

A spray bottle filled with water

A thermometer


Place the towel at the bottom of the deep box that you have purchased. This will keep your turtle from climbing too much or from shifting around. Place a thermometer inside of the box where you can see it. The temperatue inside of your turtle’s travel box should be around 70 degrees at all times. 65 degrees is a good temperature for a turtle too. Make sure to check the temperature regularly, so that your turtle does not get too hot. If your turtle starts to get too hot, spritz him with some clean water.


Sunbathing Traveling Turtles


Typically, most turtles will be fine in a box for a day or two. But, it’s not a bad idea to provide your turtle with some sunlight if possible. Whatever you do, do not let your turtle out of its box, or you may lose your turtle wherever you stop for sun. Simply place the box out in the sun while you snack on a sandwich. No sun? That’s okay! Your turtle will be fine if you aren’t moving for more than two days.


What happens if your turtle gets sick? This can happen, so make sure to have the phone number of a vet nearby – someone you can call if you need help. If you plan to send your turtle to your new home via airplane, call the airline first to see what you need to provide your turtle with. Most of the time, vet papers and proper shots will do. Surprisingly, turtles move rather well, and most pet turtles will be perfectly fine during travel.


Important note: be sure that you put your turtle in proper water when you arrive at your destination, and feed your turtle in that water too.


Moving Company Help


If you need professional help moving your pets, find out if the home moving companies you are considering handles pets. Some moving companies do not work with pets at all, and some companies are really knowledgeable in this area. Either way, though, both turtles and fish can be safely moved by following a few necessary steps.

Moving an Elderly Person

Moving an elderly loved one to a home is never an easy thing to do. In most cases, retirement home apartments are much smaller than whole homes, and that means that you will have to do a lot of downsizing. You may also have to pack, store, and appraise certain items that are currently inside of an existing home.


Woman with Moving BoxesAt Exodus Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of antiques and other precious items that have to be moved. But, we also know that this type of move is both emotional and physically difficult. Take a look at these tips to move an elderly person without adding any additional stress to your plate.


Pack Carefully


Chances are that the person you’re about to move is feeling very sensitive about this move. That means that you should be extra careful about how you pack – or who you let pack. You can hire a moving company to help you pack, but it might be a better idea to pack items yourself – or ask your loved one to help you pack items.


When you do start packing, make sure to wrap all delicate items carefully. It’s also a good idea to be sure to label each box according to the room that items will go in. For example: add the word ‘kitchen’ to the top of the box that will be moved into a new kitchen space.


Move Exactly


Moving into a retirement home is not easy to do for anyone. But, you can make this move easier by trying to set up the new space like the old one. If you can put items in similar spots and try to make things just as cozy as before, the move may not be as traumatic as it could be. This won’t be entirely possible if you are moving a person to a much smaller space, but try your best to set things up the same way.


Hire Professional Appraisers


If you have some items that you just can’t move, or have to get rid of, that are also antiques, make sure that you do your researching when trying to find an appraiser. Search via Google for an antique dealer that really has a solid reputation and knows their stuff. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting a fair deal. Not sure how much something is worth? Use the Internet to try and price out items before you sell them to any antique company or online.


Check The Bank


Does your loved one store anything in a bank deposit box? If you’re moving that person to a new town or neighborhood, you may want to check the box first. Sometimes, expensive items are left behind when people move to retirement homes, and this is always a shame. Double-check both storage facilities and banks to make sure that everything has been collected and packed.


Triple Check Times


Being nervous about the time of a moving truck’s arrival is something that’s par for the course when moving an elderly person to a retirement home. As your number one Colorado moving company, we pride ourselves on always letting you know before we arrive (at least twice!), but other companies may not have the same policy. To avoid any last minute panic, call the moving company you’ve chosen to see what time arrival is expected, and make sure to convey this message to your loved one.


Be Ready for Anything


This last one can easily apply to any moving situation, but it’s much more important to keep in mind when moving an older person. Sometimes, a move is just too much for an older person to take, and this means that breakdowns could happen at any time. On the flip side, if you’ve packed carefully and made sure that everything is ready to go, there should be no cause for concern. If you aren’t sure about something you can, of course, ask us. We’re here to help you out!


The most important things to remember when moving an older person are listed here, but, above all else, make sure that the person you’re helping move feels comfortable and confident that items will arrive safe and unharmed. Choose a moving company that you can trust, that has a solid reputation, and knows how to make someone moving to a retirement home feel safe in knowing that all of life’s precious possessions will arrive on time too.


Do you have any questions about moving to a new place? Need help moving an elderly person? Let us know how we can help you!

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