Is Buying New Stuff Cheaper Than Moving Items?

As movers in Fort Collins, we’ve seen a lot of different moving tactics. Some people prefer to ship everything that they own to a new location. Others find that buying all new items is really a cheaper way to go. So, which one makes more sense? Here are some thoughts from your favorite movers in Fort Collins – Exodus Moving and Storage.

Buying All New

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Buying new stuff can be expensive, but it does make sense in some instances. One way that buying new things can be cheaper is if you have sold a lot of your old stuff, so you have the cash flow to buy new stuff. Another way that buying new can be cheaper is if moving your items will simply cost too much.

So, the advantages are:

• You have money from a yard sale or other sale to buy new things.
• It costs too much to ship all of your stuff.
• You simply want to start from scratch.
• You can get a really good deal on certain items from a store in your new town.

But, there are some disadvantages to buying new stuff too.

Shipping Your Things

As movers in Fort Collins, we can tell you that sometimes shipping your stuff is a lot cheaper than buying everything new. Really, it depends on the rate you get from a moving company, and how far you will be moving. If you plan on shipping boxes of heavy china from here to China, you may wind up paying a lot of money. But, if you just want to ship some stuff from one town to the next, you’ll find that the cost isn’t so high – and you can get a deal on shipping all of your things at once, so keep that in mind.

What We Recommend

When you’re planning a move, really think carefully about the things that you need to bring with you – and the things that you don’t need. Then, sell the things that you don’t need to bring, and consider buying some new and some old. For example, if your old mattress has seen better days, you may not want to move that heavy item. So, our advice is to mix it up a bit, live in harmony, and buy some new and keep some old – it’s good for the soul to have both!

If you can’t move everything with you, take some smaller things. If you can move everything – do you really need to? Moving can be a great way to start over again, buy some new things, and just keep those things that really matter – it’s like a lesson in minimalism! If you do want to ship a bunch of items to a new location, call us today. We can provide you with some estimates pertaining to shipping boxes, mattresses, and anything else that you may have to move. We can also help you move anything from anywhere to any other place – that’s why we are a full service moving company.

Planning a move takes a bit of attention to detail, and that includes figuring out what you do and don’t have to bring with you. As far as the costs and the labor goes, well, leave that to us! We’re sure that you have questions about what you can ship and what you can’t, so let us know below – and don’t be shy when it comes to calling us for some more information, we’re happy to help.