What to Bring With You To a Retirement Home

Moving to a retirement home means downsizing. It also means figuring out what’s really needed, and what things will simply add to the clutter of a tight space. Prior to being admitted to a retirement home, it’s a good idea to ask any friends of family members for help with organizing, packing, and downsizing, so that you really have only those necessary items to bring. Of course, if you need help packing, Exodus Moving and Storage is here for you.


CC Image courtesy of Tax Credits on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of Tax Credits on Flickr

Here are some of the things that you will need to bring when moving to a retirement home.


1. Entertainment. You’ll need something to do at night, and if your retirement home apartment doesn’t come with a television, you may want to bring one with you. It’s also wise to bring a large stack of books, so that you don’t get bored when you’re sick of watching TV.


2. Lock box. Here’s something that a lot of elderly people do not think about bringing to a retirement home, but there’s good reason to do so. Often, things are misplaced or stolen in these homes, and it’s rare that a retirement facility will pay for damaged or lost items. Why not just stash your valuables in a small lock box?


3. Snacks. If you have a kitchen area (or just a small cabinet of some sort), pack it full of snacks that you like. Sure, you can go to the grocery store later, but it’s nice to have a few things to munch on when you arrive (or when you are in the middle of unpacking).


4. Utensils. Most of the time, retirement homes offer some kind of dining area where you will likely eat most of your meals. But, you may not always feel like going to the dining room. Or, you may feel like ordering a pizza one night! Bring some plates and a few utensils (a whole set isn’t necessary, mind you) with you, just in case.


5. Blankets and comfortable items. You may not be able to have candles in your apartment (check the retirement home guidelines), but you can certainly bring a duvet, some quilts, lots of fluffy pillows, and any other items that will make you feel more at home.


6. Writing tools. Maybe you’ll feel like jotting down some thoughts. A nice pad of paper (or notebook), and a pen or two can go a long way.


7. Minimal clothing. You don’t have to bring your entire closet full of clothing. Try to pack some simple things, a few dressier items, and clothes for all of the seasons. It’s best to rummage through what you already own, and sell or donate items that you no longer need.


8. Tupperware. Maybe you’ll want to bring some leftovers back to your room one night! Having a few Tupperwares that you can use whenever you feel like it is nice.


9. A few backup items. It never hurts to have an extra tube of toothpaste or some other things just in case you run out and can’t get to the store. You should also ask about brining any cold or flu medications, just in case you need them.


10. Lots of photos. There’s nothing quite like some happy memories to start the day off right or end the day on a positive note. Surround yourself with those memories in the form of photographs. You’ll love looking at all of those positive pictures all day long.


11. A mini fridge. If you don’t have a full kitchen, consider purchasing a mini fridge for your room. You can put things inside of your fridge like water, juice, and other small edible items.


Moving Into a Retirement Home


Even though a retirement home may be just down the street, you still need a team of reliable movers to help you get your stuff where it needs to go. Call us today to see how we can help you with moving to Fort Collins or to Denver. We’d love to make your move more comfortable, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.