Bills Bills Bills…

When you are moving both in and out of a place, the dealings with bills is a very important step in your transition. Making sure that you first of all, take the bill out of your name, and then second put all of your new bills in your name is essential for a smooth transition in and out of your new and old place.  In case you need a reminder, here is a list of the bills that you will both need to cancel from your old house and put in your name at your new one.


Water and Electric


Phone (landline)



There are other bills that you have that will not change with your move, but will need some information so that they are able to reach you and send information or their products.  It can be as simple as going online and changing your address information, however there are a number of companies that require you to call in and speak to a representative. Always check online first as it can eliminate long waiting times on thee phone and racking up your phone bill.

Bills that you will keep, but need to get a change of address

Cell Phone

Netflix (delivery movie service)

Credit Cards


Student Loans