Best Ways to Cure Jet Lag

Moving to a new place sometimes involves getting on a plane, flying for more than a few hours, and landing in a completely new area. Exploring a new town that you’re set to live in is a great way to feel alive, but the jet lag that comes with flying isn’t so hot. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do right away to combat that jet lag and feel better before you unpack the first box.

Jets flying in formation
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1. Get some sun! If you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver or anywhere else in Colorado, really, you’re in luck. Sunshine is all over this state, and Colorado gets more sun than almost any other state. After a long flight, the best way to stay awake is to step into the sunshine. Find a park, hit a hiking trail, or just get an ice cream cone and sit on a bench in the sun.

2. Hydrate. Airplanes are fun, but flying high can also cause dehydration. One of the main reasons why jet lag happens is a lack of hydration. Try to slather on some thick cream pre-flight (or coconut oil), and drink lots of water before, during, and after your flight to help out with hydration.

3. Adjust your clock before you leave. Try and get into a natural sleep pattern a week or two before you leave. Set your clock to Colorado time, and wake up and go to bed as if you were already living in your new area. This will help you sleep regularly when you do arrive.

4. Get some sleep. Try not to go to bed before the sun goes down in your new area. When the sun does set, sleep soundly by taking a sleeping pill or simply trying to relax and calm down prior to sleeping.

5. Sleep on the plane. If you can, try and catch some sleep while you are on the airplane. You may want to purchase a sleeping mask, bring some noise cancelling headphones, and try to relax as much as possible in-flight. You’ll still be tired when you arrive, but you’ll have more energy than you would if you didn’t get any sleep at all.

6. Stay away from caffeine. If you can live without caffeine for twelve hours before your flight, give this tactic a shot. Caffeine can dehydrate you and mess with your ability to sleep naturally, so kick the caffeine habit pre-flight if you can.

7. Skip the alcohol before and during your flight. It can be tempting to have a few drinks while you’re on a plane, but try to resist this urge. Alcohol will dehydrate you, and the impact of alcohol is also stronger while you are in-flight.

8. Try to stay awake. If you arrive at your new destination well before bedtime, try not to go to sleep. It’s best if you can wait until nighttime to go to bed, though this might be tough! Remember to go outside and catch some sunshine to help you stay awake longer.

Moving With Ease

There’s nothing better than getting off of a long flight knowing that your items have arrived safe and sound. That’s where we come into play – we can help make your move simpler. As a full service moving company, we pride ourselves on making sure that all long-distance moves go off without a hitch. We can help you every step of the way from packing to move and even unpacking. We also have large storage facilities in both Denver and Fort Collins to help you store anything that you can’t move into your new home.

We know that you are going to love it here as much as we do, just make sure to combat that jet leg as much as possible by following the steps listed above. When it comes to staying awake, beating dehydration, and arriving at your new home feeling rejuvenated, it’s all about finding the sunshine, sleeping naturally, and learning to curb caffeine and alcohol consumption well in advance.

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