Best Months to Move

A little planning goes a very long way in this life. This statement applies to moving too. The more you know about your move, the more time and money you can save. Since we’re experts on moving at Exodus Moving and Storage, we thought we’d let you in on a moving secret: some months are better than others when planning your move.


Summertime Is the Best Time


As far as weather and temperature go, the summer months win hands down. In fact, most people living the United States move somewhere between May and September. If comfort is your goal, summertime is the best time (and the kids are out of school, which is always a bonus when requiring extra moving help!). But, summertime is also peak time, and that means that you will probably spend more money to move during the summer months than you would at other times of the year.


Considering The Fall


If you live in a cold climate, you can move comfortably from September to early November. September proves to be an especially great time to move, too, because the air is cooler but not too hot or too cold. Plus, you’ll have a better pick of trucks and moving companies if you decide to go against the pack and not move during the summertime. The downside to September is that most kids go back to school during this month, so it may be hard to move during this time if you have kids that require a lot of attention or need your help when school starts.


What About Winter? 


Sure, it’s cold during the winter months, but if you have warm clothing, this isn’t such a big deal. The other problem with winter moves is the weather, of course, but you can always reschedule a move. If you can take the wind and snow or just cold air, consider moving in February or March – even April is a good time (plus, it’s not that cold in April!).


The Best Days to Move


Picking a day or two to actually make your move matters too. Moving is kind of like booking a flight where days and rates are concerned. The best days to move are smack in the middle of the week. If you can move from Tuesday to Thursday, instead of on a weekend, you may be able to save some dollars. Since most people can’t move during the week (or don’t want to take a few days off to move), weekends tend to come with higher moving prices.


Another Consideration


Moving on the 1st of the month isn’t the best plan either. Why not? This is when most people book moving companies. So, again, you will be competing for the best movers, trucks, rates, and spots. If you can wait until mid-month, you’ll get a better rate (most of the time), and you won’t have to worry about scheduling the times that work for you. Is there anything else to think about when it comes to really planning your move? Just one more thought for you…


The Early Bird Gets the Move Done


Even if you have packed up all of your stuff, have held yard sales, and are sure that you are moving with just the bare essentials, one thing is for certain: your move will take time! Professional movers can get your stuff where it needs to go quickly, but that doesn’t mean that you will have the time to unpack anything if you move mid-day. Resist the urge to sleep in late on moving day, and get up early instead.


You might wake up groggy, but you can grab some coffee and get to work. By the time you are at your new place, it will be mid-morning or early afternoon, and you’ll have the whole day to unpack those things you need to sleep at night. Just imagine not having your essentials when the day is done because it’s too late and too dark … and you forgot to set up a light! Oops! See? It does pay to get up early!


We love to move and we’d love to help you move! Call us to book your moving service today, or just give us a shout if you have any moving questions. We are happy to help!