Best Dog Parks In Colorado

Are you bringing your pooch along when you move to Colorado? Or, are you thinking about adopting a furry friend from one of Colorado’s many shelters? If so, you’ll need to know about all of the best dog parks in this state, so that you can find a great outdoor play place. As movers in Colorado, we have the advantage of seeing plenty of different dog parks during our moves, and here’s our best list of places to bring your best friend.

dog park
CC Image courtesy of Doug Brown via Flickr

1. Lowry Dog Park: this park is located in Denver, and it’s an “off-leash” park, which means that you can let your dog run around without a leash – doesn’t that sound like fun?

2. Railyard Dog Park: this park is also located in Denver, but this off-leash park is a bit different than the rest. Railyard includes fenced in areas for dogs that are both hyper and those that are more relaxed. If your pup is on the hyper side, he can play with other high-spirited dogs. If your dog is more on the calm side, he can sit coolly in the shade while other dogs roam around. The choice is yours.

3. Durango Dog Park: really, it’s hard to beat the location of this off leash park in Durango. Why? Because it sits next to a river that your dog is more than welcome to play in, and there’s a very large open air space next to the riverside where you can both lay down and cool off. This Durango dog park is really amazing!

4. Spring Canyon Dog Park: this park is located in Fort Collins, and it comes with picnic tables, benches – and water fountains for your dog! Plus, this is another off leash area, so you can let your dog run freely.

5. Fossil Creek Dog Park: here’s another popular Fort Collins spot that’s bustling with doggies of all kinds. Fossil Creek is smaller than most of the other parks, but it has plenty of great things for your dog to do, and you’ll love chatting with other doggie owners in this park too.

Time to Move to Colorado!

If you haven’t already moved to Colorado, you’ll need to start packing and planning soon. Hiring movers in Colorado to get you (and your pup) where you need to go is the best way to pull it all off without a hitch. Exodus Moving and Storage has been moving people to and from Denver and Fort Collins for years now, and we’re more than happy to move you too. We also offer large storage spaces for your stuff (and your dog’s stuff!) in both Denver and Fort Collins, so ask us about those prices when you call.

Colorado is bursting with places for your dog to play, and you won’t have a hard time finding amazing dog parks in any town that you move to in this state. The best park about a dog park is that you get to step outside and enjoy the open air too, so make sure to enjoy Colorado’s dog parks as soon as you get here. We also want to know what your favorite Colorado dog park location is, so leave us a note below.

Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for prices, details, and anything else that you want to know about. We also invite you to take a look around our site for additional information about moving, home sales, and all kinds of fun things to do in and around Colorado at any time of the year. Got a doggie park tip? Leave a note on the Exodus Moving and Storage blog!