Best Denver Neighborhoods

Denver is bursting with top-notch neighborhoods. The real estate market in this city has really picked up over the past few years. Now, the average time that a house remains for sale is just 33 days. That means that buying a property in Denver is a true investment.  If you’re moving to Denver, take a look around these hot neighborhoods – but hurry!


CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr

1. Cherry Creek. Doesn’t the name of this neighborhood just sound perfect? That’s because it is! Cherry Creek is one of the best spots in Denver. The houses that line the wide streets in this zip code range from new lofts to old Victorian houses. Plus, the popular Cherry Creek mall isn’t far away, and tons of new shops are in walking distance.


2. Seeking a more urban setting? Check out LoDo (lower downtown). In recent years, this part of downtown has become quite popular. LoDo is where you’ll find the perfect home in the ideal urban setting. If stepping out of your front door to shop or stop at a café is what you’re after, LoDo is where you want to go.


3. Lowry. The Lowry area is really unique. Why? This neighborhood is built on an old air base. Once used by the military, Lowry is now teeming with life. Shops, new developments, and a safe neighborhood all around is what Lowry is all about.


4. If you love the outdoors, the Washington Park area is for you. Bordering the park, the homes on both the East and West are steps away from jogging paths, bike paths, paddleboats, and all kinds of great park entertainment.


5. Are you willing to step outside of the urban jungle a bit? If so, Boulder is really heaven on earth. Surrounded by open air, tons of green space, and plenty of breath-taking mountains, Boulder homes are gorgeous all around – even if it’s just for the scenery that encompasses this area on all sides. Consider moving towards the suburbs towards Boulder if you can’t find what you love directly in Denver.


6. Greenwood Village is another suburban area that used to be dotted with farms. Now, those farms sit between lovely homes, plenty of green space, and a slower kind of life. Just outside of Denver, Greenwood Village is still close enough to let you enjoy what Denver has to offer, but far enough away to escape to a quiet home at the end of the day.


7. For the truly posh, the Blackstone Country Club Estates area offers the kind of gated community that’s both safe and desirable. You’ll find homes nestled inside of this quaint little area range in both size and price.


Highly Sought After


Denver (and most of its parts) is highly sought after where real estate is concerned. That means that you’ll want to make an offer on your dream home quickly. Otherwise, you might be outbid. Once you do find the perfect spot, though, you’ll love what Denver has to offer. In fact, Colorado (as a whole) might be one of the few states left in the U.S. that is still sprawling with plenty of fresh air and green space in addition to all the urban life that you could want.


Any home that you buy in Colorado will be worth the money. That home will easily sell for more money once you’re ready to move again. Then again, why would you want to move? Most people that come to Denver never leave – this area has it all! If you were already planning on moving to Denver, we’d love to help you make this great city your home.


Moving Your Things


No matter where you are coming from, we can help you move into your new Denver home with ease. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we know all about Denver, and we know how to get you packed up, moved out, and unpacked with ease. We even offer large storage facilities that are perfectly safe, guarded, and large enough for all of your storage needs. You’ll find out storage options located in Denver and Fort Collins.


The areas listed above are the most popular spots in Denver, but you’re bound to love any neighborhood in this great city. Call us today to see how we can help you with your move. Or, just give us a call to get a free estimate. If you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’ll make your move easier!