Best CoWorking Spaces in Denver, CO

CoWorking spaces are really popular now for good reason. Renting out office space on your own can be costly. That’s why coworking spaces have been set up in major cities (and in some rural areas) across the globe. A coworking space includes a few office set ups, rental fees based on necessity, and everything you’d want an office to be. Denver, Colorado has some great coworking spaces that you may want to check out if you’re about to move to Denver. Take a look!

Coworking Space
CC Image courtesy of mdanys on Flickr

1. Uncubed: this coworking space is a bit different from all the rest. Uncubed was developed for freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs – those that don’t have a set office space, or are just tired of the café scene will like what Uncubed has to offer. This open office environment offers coworkers different space rates starting at just $150 per month (membership basis). If you work from home and want to move to an office setting, Uncubed located in the LoDo District is the place to go.

2. The Hive: the Hive offers freelancers and contractors a café-type atmosphere at one level, and a number of rooms available for rent throughout the building. You’ll find conference rooms, classrooms, and various other spaces are ready for you to rent. The Hive asks all members to pay a fee of $250 per month, and this gives members access to the entire building and all spaces. That’s not a bad deal at all!

3. Smartspace: Smartspace offers workers a great deal. You can rent out a desk for as low as $17 (half day), or pay more for more usage. When you need a private room, those are available too (private spaces are offered to all members at various times). This coworking space is really affordable and flexible.

4. Green Spaces: this is one of the most popular coworking spaces in all of Denver. If your startup has anything to do with being green, you’ll want to tap into this space. Green Spaces also offers new entrepreneurs a chance to speak with mentors, get feedback on projects, and attend monthly or weekly workshops – a really great place to get ideas and information. Prices start at $100 per month.

5. Law Bank Denver: if you’re a lawyer and you don’t want to pay for office space, Law Bank is the place to go. This coworking space was set up just for lawyers to use on those days when an office is required. Private offices, meeting rooms, and plenty of space to work are all part of the deal at Law Bank – need to meet with clients? This is the place to go.

6. The Desk: rent out a desk, speak with like-minded entrepreneurs, and work with the energy that surrounds you at The Desk. Memberships at this coworking space start at $50 per month – now that’s a great deal.

Leaving Your Old Life Behind

Why are coworking spaces so popular in Denver? Not only are these spaces affordable and great for generating new ideas, coworking spaces are popular in Denver because of Denver’s outdoor life. Who wants to be stuck in an office all day when you can simply rent out a desk or conference room when you need to? The rest of the time, work from home when necessary, and get outside and play when you don’t have to be at a desk. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

When you prepare to move to Denver, think about leaving your formal office behind. While Denver does have plenty of room for new businesses, you may find that a coworking space suits your needs just fine. If you currently have a home office, you can sell your desk and other items or simply store those items with Exodus Moving and Storage – we offer plenty of storage space at great rates right in Denver.

We’d love to help you move to Denver. Give us a call today to see how we can make your move simpler with our moving service, and think about renting out a coworking space for all of your office needs. Denver is home to tons of entrepreneurs just like you working together, bouncing ideas off of each other, and getting things moving. Be a part of that community by checking out Denver coworking spaces today, and call us for moving details and estimates.