Apartment Hunting? Read This First!

In some parts of the world, living in an apartment just makes sense. Denver is one of those places for most people, and there are plenty of apartment rentals in Denver to go around. But, before you rent out any space (and some of these rules apply to commercial spaces too), make sure to read through this list (and then call your favorite Denver moving company!) – otherwise, you could wind up with a lot more than you bargained for!

apartment rental sign
CC Image courtesy of meddygarnet via Flickr

1. Read your lease carefully! Some landlords include really specific things in a lease, and many tenants have no idea that those things exist until it’s too late. Is your landlord responsible for appliances and appliance repairs? Are you allowed to have a roommate? Can you sublease your apartment without concern? Are you permitted to hang things on the wall? Note the finer details, and make sure to keep a copy of your lease at all times.

2. Inspect the place before you rent it. Use your phone’s camera to document every nick, scratch, crack, and other imperfection before you sign that lease. Once you have made a list of things that are wrong with your rental, add those imperfections to the lease in a detailed manner. This way, your landlord can’t blame you for any of those repairs.

3. Make sure that you can see the actual apartment. This might sound odd, but some landlords or rental agencies will only show you a model apartment. You’ll want to look at the place you will really be living in, and not just a perfect model of what the place should look like. If you don’t see the real thing, you never know what you could be getting.

4. Check out the neighborhood on your own. Some leasing agents aren’t legally allowed to tell you whether or not a neighborhood is safe. If you’re new to town, make sure to drive around the town on your own before you rent – at night. Some areas can look amazing when the sun is
shining, but those same areas can be very scary late at night!

5. Compare the number of washer and driers in the laundry room with the number of tenants in your building. If the building has one hundred tenants and two washers, well, those aren’t good numbers. You can figure this out by looking at the available apartment sizes for rent.

6. Find out how big the bedrooms and other rooms are. You can’t really go by square footage because some entryways and hallways could be really large. What you need to know is how big each room is, so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from actual living space.

7. Tell your landlord (once you sign a lease) about your moving plans after you speak with a Denver moving company. You’ll want clearance for things like blocking the elevator and parking in front of the main entrance.

Getting There

Exodus Moving and Storage can help you get to Denver or any other city in Colorado. We know that finding the perfect apartment can take time, too, and that’s why we also offer storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins (just in case you have to store some things while you are looking for the right space). Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that prides itself on helping people just like you get where you need to go.

If you haven’t rented an apartment before, take some tips from us and read the above first. After that, take some time finding a place that you really love – after all, you are going to be living there! Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for a free quote or other details, and we’ll help you move into the ideal place!