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Exodus Moving & Storage is your best choice for moving your antiques. We ensure that no matter what, your items will stay in top condition during the moving process. We have a variety of different moving services, which include:

  • At Exodus, we offer local and long-distance moving to ensure you have various options for your moving needs.
  • We’ll pack up your antiques and unpack them accordingly once your delivery has reached its destination.
  • If you need to store away your antiques during the moving process, we offer the convenience of storing away your antiques in climate-controlled storage rooms, which are monitored continuously.
  • We often stay in touch with 3rd party contractors to ensure we have many outlets to conduct our business with clients.

We are the company to reach out to when you’re looking to move your antiques. When you work with us, you get a company with the following:

  • Twenty-Five Years of Trusted Moving Experience
  • Fully Licensed, CO PUC #HHG-00071
  • Fully Insured, General Liability, and Workman’s Comp
  • Family Owned and Operated

If you have any questions about any of our services or certifications, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 549-1488. Also, if you wish to request a free quote for our services, fill out our free estimate form to get yours today!

Since we’re a company with an extensive list of certifications and a great degree of experience, Exodus Moving is the company to trust with your antiques. To ensure your antique move goes smoothly, plan your move with Exodus Moving today!

Our Antique Moving Services

Exodus Moving has a wide range of services to offer. We also have many certifications to show that we are a company that everyone can put their faith in. We understand that moving your antiques can be a complex experience; so when you’re moving your antiques, be sure to look at the services we offer, which include:

  • When you plan with Exodus, you get different moving options, such as local, long-distance, and international moves.
  • We have packing and unpacking services done by a professional crew with high-quality packing supplies.
  • At Exodus, you have the opportunity to store your antiques in climate-controlled warehouse storage, a feature necessary for protecting your antiques in between moves.
  • For your more fragile antiques, we offer services through 3rd party contractors that will handle your most precious antiques. However, Exodus will still address all your housekeeping needs while moving your antiques.

Here at Exodus, we pride ourselves in having over 25 years of experience assisting Colorado customers with their antique moving needs. With our expertise, you can rest assured that there’s no obstacle in your antique moving process that we can’t handle.

Steps To Consider For Moving Antiques

When planning your antique move, you should remember that your antiques are irreplaceable, and if any of your antiques end up damaged, they may be complicated to repair. Due to these circumstances, you must never forget the critical steps to keep your antiques safe. The following steps to protecting your antiques include:

  • Ensure You Get Your items Appraised: You must know the value of your antiques so you can receive the correct type of protection for your antiques. Find your appraiser by using this tool provided by the American Society of Appraisers.
  • Always Document Your Antiques: Make sure you take pictures of all your antiques before you plan a move. It is always best to have documentation of your antiques, for no matter how good your movers are, you must be prepared in the event your antiques receive damage.
  • Choose Movers That You Can Trust: Whenever you’re planning a move, you need to plan it with movers you can trust. Whoever it is you contract, ensure their background is clean, look at reviews for the movers, and contact people who have hired them for services in the past. It is always better to be extra prepared when planning your antique move.

As a company that’s been involved with antique moves for 25 years, and with our certifications, we believe that we’re the company to contact when you’re planning your antique move. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (800) 549-1488 or complete our online form to schedule your antique move with Exodus Moving & Storage today!

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When working with Exodus Moving, you hire a family-owned and operated business. You get certifications, which reinforce trust in the work we do. Furthermore, we’ve been the most trusted moving company in the Colorado area for the past 25 years, so your antique move is in good hands with us. At Exodus, we offer free estimates! To get your estimate, send in your request by filling out our online form. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call at (800) 549-1488.

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Is There a Difference Between a Quote and Estimate?

Simply put, a quote is an exact price for a job set by the contractor while an estimate is the contractor’s best guess as to how much it will cost, subject to change. A quote is set in stone, unless there is a variation to your contract, which would include extra work or a change in the scope of a job. There is no such thing as a binding estimate, your contractor can change the price for a variety of reasons.

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