Anaconda Montana Spotlight

At Exodus, we have the privilege of helping people make their moves. Our capacity to pack, move and store covers everything from the US Dept of defense to small residential moves and, of course, everything in between.  With this ability to handle such varied kinds of relocation, we encounter so many differing places, people and situations. And because our employees are actual employees and not simply outsourced “hired guns”, we are able to bring a personal touch to any move, big or small, because we operate like a family.

Anaconda Montana

An area with a rich mining heritage, Anaconda is located between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.  This beautifully scenic little town is full of an interesting mix of white collar professionals and hardworking skilled laborers. Located in Southwest Montana, it boasts charming opportunities for nature lovers in every direction surrounding it. Hunting, hiking, fishing, skiing and wildlife viewing are just a few of the recreational opportunities that abound . This along with its elemental treasures and accompanying surrounding ghost towns, it’s an fascinating place to both visit and move to.

With the continental divide passing just a few miles outside the city limits, this area comes up on our relocation trail. Recently one of our drivers was in Anaconda Montana during a big storm. With an average snowfall of just under 6 inches per year, the scene that he encountered was rather extraordinary. But when you operate like a family, you have the pictures to prove it! Here are a few rather remarkable ones from our drivers adventure in Montana.