The Alternatives to Violence Project


Aggression and violence surround us. Every day, people become angry while driving cars, walking down the street, or just because something didn’t go as planned. ‘The Alternative to Violence Project’ aims to help people deal with aggression and anger that lead to violence by offering group support, workshops, interactive exercises, games, and role-play situations. Exodus Moving and Storage fully supports this community initiative as Fort Collins movers.

What ‘The Alternatives to Violence Project’ Does

This community project was originally started in 1975 order to help violent youths. By connecting those teens with inmates that could explain why violence landed them in jail, the youths that were having trouble with the law began to understand why avoiding aggression and violence is necessary. Currently, the group still works with both inmates and members of the community that need help curbing angry thoughts that lead to aggression.

If you find yourself dealing with anger and aggression that leads to violence, this support group is an excellent resource. If you live in the Fort Collins area, contact the group to see how you can get help. If you don’t live in Fort Collins, you can still learn to calm aggression by following a few tips that will be hard at first, but will eventually result in a much calmer version of you.

Anger Help Tips

1. Take a breath. One of the most important things to do when you find yourself feeling worked up is to take a long and deep breath. More often than not, we forget to breathe when we become agitated, and this leads to aggression.

2. Exercise. You can channel all of that anger and aggression towards something physical. Try an intense bootcamp class or look for a CrossFit gym near you. It’s hard to be angry when you’ve used all of your energy during a tough class.

3. Try meditation and yoga. Even if you think that yoga is not for you, give it a try. We’ve listed a lot of different yoga classes in the Fort Collins and Denver areas on this blog, so check one out. Yoga and meditation work hand in hand to help calm the breath and the body.

4. Go for a walk. If you’re in the middle of a situation that is bound to escalate, simply leave the area and go for a walk. You don’t have to have the last work, and you don’t have to let the situation spin out of control.

5. Consider the consequences. This is where a project like ‘The Alternatives to Violence Project’ is invaluable. Once you hear how anger can lead to very bad consequences from inmates that have been in that situation, you may think twice before letting your anger get out of control. If you can’t attend a group meeting, try and think about where your anger might lead you. Will you wind up in jail? Will you hurt someone? Will you hurt yourself? Often, anger isn’t worth the consequences.

6. Know that it will pass. You can only stay truly angry and aggressive for a short period of time. After that time has passed, your emotions will start to settle. Try and wait it out.

7. Speak with a therapist or find a group near you. Anger is a real problem that most of us just ignore, but it’s also very bad for your health and for those people around you. Seeking some kind of help to fix your anger problem is never a bad thing.

 Exodus Supports Community Projects

We really believe in the people that make our communities better, and that’s why we support projects like ‘The Alternatives to Violence Project.’ Of course, we’re also here if you need to move to a different home or require any moving service help. We also offer storage facilities in both Fort Collins and Denver for you to store your things safely. As your Fort Collins movers, Exodus likes is here for you when you need to move or store your items, and we’re happy to give you a moving estimate quickly.

When it comes to anger and aggression, nothing good can come from those two very volatile emotions. If you live in Fort Collins, consider supporting ‘The Alternatives to Violence Project’ today, and call your Fort Collins movers for any moving needs or for a moving estimate.