A Letter From Your Closet

Dear You,

I know I’ve never written before and for that I apologize. I want you know that I have enjoyed the contact we have had. You have filled me with so many wonderful things. Your clothes, your shoes and of course all the extra little things that make my existence so full. Even now, I am happy to be hiding those wrapped toys for the kids from “Santa”.

But this year, as you are preparing to take on even more stuff as the holidays go on, I feel it’s a good time to make a request…

I need HELP!

I am seriously overloaded. And frankly, I don’t know how much more I can take. I really think it’s time for some reinforcements. Maybe another closet or garage, or even better yet- you could rent some storage. This would give me the opportunity to have a little space and provide you with what you are looking for a little faster every time. Because in the end, I want you to be happy. And when you come to me and can’t find what you need, I think we both feel badly about it.

I’ve checked with other closets to see if this is something they too have experienced. They have told me what a relief it is when their owners give them more space. The concept of breathing room for us all is not to be taken for granted. I have stuck with you through full times and empty, renovations and reorganizations. But now I’m asking for something back.

Well, that’s it. Thanks so much for considering my request. I think additional storage could really take our relationship to the next level.


Your Closet