9 Common Moving Myths

It seems that just about everything has a myth associated with it. Where these myths originate is tough to figure out. Word of mouth spreads it like wildfire, and in these days of social media and what I like to call over-connectedness, it can spread even more rapidly than ever before.

CC Image courtesy of Jenn Durfey on Flickr

The moving industry has its share of myths, and if you hear some, it might force you to change your mind about moving altogether. Do you believe some of them? Are any of them true? If you’re deciding whether or not you should hire a moving service to do the heavy lifting, here are some common myths you might have heard so that you can make a more informed decision.

They’re going to break something that is valuable. While this is a very real possibility, they are probably more careful than you would be if you were moving everything. They know that an unhappy customer could cost them their job, so they are more likely to get it to you in one piece than to destroy your stuff. You’d be surprised at the care with which your belongings are handled! Your best bet is to carefully review the insurance policies available for purchase that can help cover damages that might occur to be sure you’re getting the best coverage possible.

They’re all the same. This is very far from the truth. Upon researching the moving company to best meet your needs, you’ll see that each one offers different services. Some will move big items like pianos, while others stay far away from such expensive items. Some will box things up for you, while others rely on you to do all of the packing so that they simply need to lug boxes. Determine your needs to choose the best possible company. You don’t want to pay more for services you aren’t going to need! Once you’ve narrowed your list down, you can start reading through reviews online. That is often an effective way to determine if they are reputable, or you can contact your Better Business Bureau.

I have to ride on the moving truck. This is the opposite of the truth! Liabilities dictate you may not ride along in the truck unless the moving company you are using employs you. So don’t worry, you won’t need to ride along with movers.

I can pack up any old boxes I come across. Even though your friends and relatives have been bringing you boxes to pack your belongings into, you’ll want to think twice before you place items inside. There are boxes designed just for moving, offering a durability those liquor store boxes just don’t have. If you happen to overload one of those boxes, it will break, but moving boxes will get the job done while remaining intact.

I don’t need to label my boxes. No, it isn’t necessary, but you’ll be glad you did when you get to the new place and everything is where it needs to be when it comes time to unload them! If your moving company is packing boxes for you, they’ll label the boxes for you. But if you are packing boxes yourself, you’ll want to take the time to complete this seemingly unimportant step. In this way, the movers will know exactly where the boxes need to go when they are bringing them inside. A bonus: you’ll know which box contains your plates when the pizza you ordered arrives and you realize you have nothing to eat it off of!

Every move is a nightmare. While this can be true, the people that feel this way at the end of their moving experience probably didn’t plan well enough. Just as planning your day at work each morning so that you can tackle the maximum number of tasks makes your day easier, so does planning each aspect of your move. That way, as long as you stick with the plan, everything will be a breeze.

I have to pack up everything on my own. Not true! While some companies just move the boxes you’ve packed, others offer packing as part of a total package. They’ll send someone into your home to review what exactly needs to be packed, noting everything on a sheet of paper. Then they’ll come on packing day to get it all into nicely labeled boxes. The best part: they are experts, so your breakables will be extra safe when you allow them to do the job. They’re trained in proper packing procedures, and know exactly how to pack it all to protect it during the move.

I’m not paying the moving company until they have gotten it all to the new location. False! You must pay in full before they will unload everything off of the truck.

I’m going to have to buy them lunch. While I am sure they’ll appreciate it, it’s not necessary. Most of the time, the movers will eat when they finish unloading your stuff, whether it’s going out with the rest of the crew to a restaurant or eating a lunch they’ve brought along with them. They are there on the clock, so don’t feel like you have to give them a special treat. As long as you’ve selected a reputable company, they’re professionals who will do a great job regardless of any perks you might offer them!

We hope we’ve dispelled some of your fears regarding moving. After you review what Exodus Moving and Storage has to offer, we hope you’ll choose us to take care of everything for you, making your move as painless as possible.