8 Ways to Tell If a House Is Haunted

We’re still a few months away from Halloween, but finding out if a house is haunted before you move into that new home might be a good idea, right? Plus, its kind of fun to speculate whether or not a property has some ghostly tenants! If you’re curious about whether or not a place is haunted, take a look at these telltale signs from your Fort Collins movers.

1. Things move around: don’t freak out if there’s a gust of wind and something falls off of the kitchen counter – that’s not a ghost. But, you might want to take note of any objects eerily floating across floors or moving from room to room (unless you have a roommate or a cleaning lady).

ghost in newspaper
CC Image courtesy of Jon Feinstein via Flickr.

2. Noises happen: every home has “settling” noises, but noises that sound like knocking or banging might be something else entirely (spooky!).

3. Your pets freak out: if your cat seems to be “watching” something across the room, or your dog starts to bark at random things, you may have a ghost.

4. Your electronic devices suddenly start turning on and off: this is one of the biggest signs that your home may be haunted. If your phone suddenly starts blinking or a song starts playing, a ghost could be hanging around.

5. You just get that creeped out feeling when you’re alone. Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Well, maybe they are!

6. Frightening nightly dreams: do you wake up with a feeling of panic? Do you have recurring dreams about someone that you don’t know? Do you feel like someone is trying to harm you when you’re sleeping? All of these things could be a sign that someone is attempting to reach out to you from the other side.

7. Strange shadows: this one is a dead giveaway – if you see any strange shadows or objects, you can bet it’s a ghost (or maybe just your cat casting a shadow on the wall!).

8. Signs on the bathroom mirror: okay, this one is really rare, and it’s usually reserved for horror movies, but if someone writes something on your bathroom mirror, you may want to move.

Speaking of Moving

If you suspect that your current home is haunted, you may be looking to move – and that’s just lucky because Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company (that also means that we’re furniture movers). As Fort Collins movers, we can help you move out of your haunted home, and into a home that’s free from ghosts. We also have large store rental spaces available in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store anything that you don’t want to bring to your new home with you (maybe an item or two that has some spooky history?).

For those of you looking to move to Colorado, you’ll find that most homes here have a past, but ghosts are few and far between. Plus, there are tons of things to do in Colorado – so many things that you’ll barely have time to stay at home and worry about things like ghosts! Call us today, your Fort Collins movers, about moving quotes, furniture movers, or storage rental spaces (we promise they’re not haunted!).

We also want to know if you have seen anything odd in your home. Do you have any good ghost stories to tell? Leave us a note on our Facebook page, and we’ll get back to you!