7 Signs You’re Ready to Live Together

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As a Colorado moving company, we like to help out our clients with all aspects of moving from figuring out how to pack to finding fun stuff to do in town. This includes helping you with a bit of life help too, like when to know it’s time to move in with someone. Since moving all of your stuff from your comfortable home to another place can be a huge change, we thought we’d put together some useful tips on the topic – just so you can figure out when it’s time to move, and when to stay put!

Signs It’s Time to Move In

1. You both want the same things, and you have the same goals: this is a really important thing to think about because it’s hard to live with someone (in a romantic way) without having the same future goals. If you haven’t discussed this yet, maybe it’s not time to move.

2. You can stand spending every waking hour with someone: everyone fights, and every relationship can be really hard at times – but, loving someone unconditionally means that you can easily get past those hard times. Further, wanting to spend every moment with someone means that you are ready to share a living space.

3. You know what it’s like to wake up next to that person: living with someone is a lot different than simply going on dates and going home. If you haven’t actually spent the night with your partner, make sure to do that first (things can look a lot different in the morning!).

4. You understand each other’s financial situations: the biggest romance killer is money, or money issues. Make sure you know what kinds of financial stresses your partner has, so that there’s no big shock when a bill is due and your partner starts to panic.

5. You’ve had a few fights: fighting with someone that you love can be really hard, but the relationships that last are those that get past the first few fights. What does it feel like after a fight? Do you make up quickly, work things out, learn to negotiate? All of these things make for a really solid relationship.

6. You know what the other person likes to do – and you can easily give that person their freedom without a fight: if you go out with different groups of friends now, that probably isn’t going to change once you live together. Remember who the person you’re moving in with is, and be okay with how that person works.

7. You’ve traveled together: you never really know someone until you’ve taken the time to travel with that person. If you haven’t been on vacation together, try a mini-trip before you move.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving might actually be the hard part in this situation. Why? Because moving in together could mean getting rid of a bunch of things that you have – but don’t sell things quite yet. Exodus offers storage space for your stuff, so you can rent out a space, keep some of your things, and see if you can sneak them into your new home eventually (or know that you still have your stuff if you need to move out).

As a full service Colorado moving company, we can help you when it comes to any aspect of moving from packing to lifting the fridge up a flight of stairs – but we can’t pick your partner for you! If you need help moving from a reliable Colorado moving company, call Exodus today – or find us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to give you a moving quote quickly, so you can get on with your life!

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