6 Weather Tested Winter Moving Tips!

Winter brings with it plenty of great things like skiing, skating, throwing snowballs, and moving. That’s right, moving during the winter months doesn’t have to be a treacherous activity. In fact, a winter move can be a lot of fun if you prepare for the move, and make sure to leave out lots of warm blankets, some hot chocolate mix, and a few other goodies!


Take a look at these top 6 winter moving tips from your favorite Fort Collins, Colorado, movers:


1. The first thing that you should do when you find out you’re moving is prepare your new appliances and contact the electric company. If you are moving into a place that already has appliances, make sure that those are hooked up and ready to go. Need to move your appliances with the rest of your stuff? No problem! Just make sure that you have some kind of heating set up beforehand (otherwise, you’ll be moving into a really cold house!).


2. You’ll also want to be sure that you can actually move into your home – things like walkways that aren’t shoveled can really cause a setback! Make a trip to your new place before you pack any boxes. Spread some sand where necessary, get out the shovel, or ask your landlord to make sure that steps are clear.


3. Figure out a good route to take. Chances are that the moving team you hire will be ready to assist you with the best route to take to reach your new home. If you plan to follow a moving truck, though, be sure that your car can travel the same roads. Sometimes, dirt roads and back roads are the best way to avoid traffic – but these routes may not be a good idea if you want to skip roads covered in snow, slush, and ice!


4. Move your pets before everything else. It’s really important (especially when the weather gets rough) that your pets are well taken care of in advance. It’s best to leave your fur babies with someone you trust during the move, but this might not always be possible. If you can, set up a pet bed, lots of blankets, food, and water inside of your new home before the big moving day. On the morning of the move, transport your pets first (putting your pets inside of a room with a door that shuts is a good idea too!).


5. Make it fun! This is, perhaps, the best snowy day moving tip of all. Sure, a move can be stressful (even if you do have professional movers assisting you), but you can make a move enjoyable by stringing up some holiday lights before you unpack any boxes, or making sure that steaming hot cups of cocoa are waiting for you when you arrive.


6. Just in case the roads on moving day are especially slick, it never hurts to pack a shovel and an emergency kit (blankets, food) in your car. This way, you will be safe and secure should you encounter any terrible weather conditions.


© xixinxing - Fotolia.com
© xixinxing – Fotolia.com

Moving During the Holidays


If you’re moving during the holiday season, you can still enjoy all of those decorations that you love – there’s no need not to decorate! However, you may find that scaling things back a bit is a good idea. Instead of putting up boxes and boxes of decorations, it might be worth your while to simply put up a few things that you really love. There’s nothing like packing and preparing to move amidst holiday cheer!


After your move, you can simply pack all of those holiday items into a box with a clearly marked label. Then, all you have to do is sit back and let a qualified moving service move all of your favorite holiday items over the river and through the woods – to your new home they will go!


Moving During the Winter Months With Us


We know that moving while it’s cold outside is probably not what you had in mind when you decided to move. But, don’t worry! Our goal is to make sure that your moving day goes off without a hitch, and we are well versed in the cold and snow of Colorado.


But, preparing some little things before you move is always a good idea. Winter moving doesn’t have to be difficult (in fact, you’ll avoid the crazy summer moving rush if you pick a cooler month!). In fact, winter moving can be enjoyable for all involved – even kids and pets! Do you have questions about moving during the winter months? Just ask! We’re happy to help you out!