6 Ways to Pack Fragile Things

Got your great-grandmother’s antique china collection? Or, maybe you just have a whole bunch of priceless ceramic figurines. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that those things don’t break during your move. A professional moving company will take every last precaution to be very careful with boxes marked ‘fragile,’ but it never hurts to pack those things that break easily with additional care.


CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr

Here are six ways to pack very fragile things.


1. Line any glassware with a fistful of packing paper, and then make sure that all glasses are wrapped individually to prevent any breakage. This will take a few extra minutes (especially if you have a lot of glasses), but it will be worth it!


2. You should always pack plates vertically. If you can find some bubble wrap (big bulk stores like Costco tend to carry bubble wrap in bulk!), wrap each plate in bubble wrap individually. No bubble wrap? You can use towels or other soft and durable objects (like t-shirts) to wrap plates if you’re stuck without proper packing materials.


3. Collectible items. Collectibles are tough to pack simply because they don’t come in standard shapes and sizes. So, the first step to packing something that has a high value (and an odd shape) is to plan in advance. Consider the shape and size of the thing that you want to pack very carefully, and then plan accordingly.


4. Get the right packing materials. Things you’ll need to pack fragile items include bubble wrap, tape, extra pieces of cardboard, extra pieces of paper, and lots of sturdy boxes – plus a thick black marker that you can use to write ‘FRAGILE’ on the top and sides of every box.


5. Know when to hire professionals. Sometimes, you have to move at the last minute, and this means that you won’t have the time to really plan to pack properly. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you hire professional packers to pack up all of your items. Movers will come with the right materials, and they know how to pack almost anything without difficulty.


6. Take your time. This tip can really be applied to any aspect of moving or packing. It can be really tempting to wait until the last minute to start packing your things, but resist this temptation. It will be a lot simpler to pack with peace if you start one little bit at a time. Realistically, it might take many weeks to pack an entire home, and a few weeks to simply pack up a few fragile items. Go slow; take your time, do things right, and try to enjoy the experience.


What Not to Do


Things like bubble wrap can be expensive to purchase and may seem like an unnecessary expenditure (especially when you are trying to save money for your move!). But, it’s a really bad idea to try and improvise. Often, people pack fragile items in socks, shoes, and in other pieces of clothing to try and save some dollars on packing materials. This is not recommended simply because you are taking a major risk using non-packing materials to pack those fragile items!


Storage Is An Option


If you do have to move at the last minute and don’t have the time to pack those fragile things properly, you can always store some items. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we have ample storage locker space in both Denver and in Fort Collins. We can also guarantee safe storage of your items. Why bother storing things? You can always come back and get your stuff at a later time, but, in the meantime, you can be sure that your things will be safe from any kind of harm.


Marking Things Properly

Whenever you do pack breakable things, don’t assume that whoever is moving your stuff will automatically know what’s fragile and what’s not. Make sure to label each box with the right room (living room, dining room…), and add the word ‘FRAGILE’ to the outside of any breakable box. This way, movers will know to be extra careful with your things.


Unpacking Fragile Items


We have one more tip for you! When it comes to unpacking fragile things, be careful! Even though you may have taken every precaution while packing up your items, some things can still break. You don’t wan tot stick your hand into a box of glass without being really careful – glass shards are a possibility. Take your time, and make sure that nothing has broken in transit.


Remember, if you are moving to Fort Collins, we’re here to help! Give us a call today to see how we can help you pack, unpack, and move all of those fragile and important things.