5 Awesome Moving Apps

Smartphones are amazing things. They can help you hail a cab or find your friends. They can also help you move in many different ways (and even decorate your new pad!). If you’re glued to your phone, this article is for you!


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Check out our collection of the five best moving apps.


1. Jack of Tools Pro: did you know that your phone contains a digital toolbox? It does if you download this app ($2). The Jack of Tools app will provide you with lighting, a handy level, and all kinds of other tools that exist in the virtual sphere. If you’re lacking the right tools, just download this app.


2. Sherwin Williams ColorSnap: have you ever picked up an item and thought, “I’d love to paint my walls exactly this color”? Well, that’s what the ColorSnap lets you do. Take a photo of a color that you love, and this app will find the exact match based on the many colors that Sherwin Williams offers. How simple and great is this app? This app is available on iOS and Android.


3. Moving Day: make checklists, print inventory lists, check to make sure everything has been delivered on time – is there anything that this app doesn’t do? Moving day is available on iOS.


4.  Red Beacon: moving to a new area may mean hiring new people. If you need to find any kind of service provider from a housekeeper to a gardener, Red Beacon is the app that you need. All of the providers listed by this app developer have been reviewed and tested for quality service too.


5. Pocket: this app doesn’t exactly help you move, but it will provide hours of entertainment if you have to travel a long way, or if you’ve packed up all of your magazines and books. Pocket lets you bookmark articles to read at a later time, and you can simply return to the app to flip through your bookmarked parts.


When to Decorate


Some of the apps listed above will help you when it comes to decorating your new home. But, you may not know when to start working on your décor. The rule of thumb is to implement any large scale changes before you move (refinishing floors, painting, installing built-ins…), so that you can move all of your boxes into your new place, and just focus on positioning furniture. As far as smaller decorative items go, take your time.


Shop around your new town for items that you may want to add to your home. You never know what you might find, and some of your old things just might not go with your new décor. If you aren’t sure how to decorate, you may also want to hire a professional decorator to help you out. In fact, you may want to hire a few people if you are on your own.


Who Do You Need to Hire?


In addition to combing through professional moving companies, you may need to hire some help for your new location. Sometimes, working with a housekeeper or cook can be just what you need to help you settle into a new place. Think about the things that you may need the moment you move, and consider hiring someone to help you out for a few days. This can be especially useful if you are moving to an area where you don’t know anyone – let someone else help you out!


You will also need the services of a professional moving company like Exodus Moving and Storage. Look for a company that is insured, knows the area you’re moving to, and can provide the suggestions that you need to make your move a smooth one. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an inexperienced moving company!


We’ve built our reputation on helping people move to the Fort Collins area or to the Denver, Colorado, area with expertise and ease. Ask us how we can help make your move much simpler by taking all of those little concerns off of your hands. We’re also more than happy to provide you with an estimate. If you need a storage solution, we can do that too! Give us a call today!