10 Tips For Moving Collectibles

Collectibles aren’t worth much if they aren’t in good shape. That’s probably why you’ve kept certain items in boxes and put other items in bubble wrap, right? It’s no wonder, then, that moving your collectibles can cause a good amount of heart-pumping anxiety. When packing up your collectibles for an upcoming move, it’s a great idea to do two things.


1. Hire the best moving company you can find.

2. Follow the tips listed below.


Man Moving BoxesHow to Pack Your Collectibles


Whether you’ve collected mini salt and pepper shakers from all over the globe or porcelain cats, there are tried and true ways to pack what matters the most to you.


1. Make sure that everything is packed in its original container. You may not have the original box for some items, but chances are that the manufacturer or artist securely packed certain goods when those items were created. So, placing an item back in its safe and padded box is probably the best way to avoid any breakage.


2. Go with bubble wrap. No original boxes on hand? Few things provide a better padding option than bubble wrap. You can pick up a massive roll of this at your local Costco or Sam’s Club, and you can securely wrap everything that you love. Just make sure that you tape it after you wrap any item.


3. Label all boxes clearly with the word ‘fragile.’ Even the best movers can’t see into boxes (otherwise, they’d be ‘Super-movers!’), so make sure to point this message out.


4. Let your movers know about your collection prior to the move. During an initial consultation and visit, tell your chosen moving company about your collectibles. This way, movers can make a clear note, and they will be sure to handle all of your valuable items very carefully.


5. If you’re moving something that’s extremely fragile and highly valuable, make sure that you secure the item properly – this is especially important when it comes to antiques.


6. Don’t go with contractor truckers. If you found a guy that’s willing to throw your antique cabinet on a flatbed and move it to your new destination for cheap, think twice. Furniture can become heavily damaged if not tended to properly!


7. Additional labels. Let your movers know how and when to load items. You can put all kinds of labels on boxes like ‘load this first,’ ‘do not load’ ‘do not stack,’ and various other directions. It’s kind of like packing tomatoes in a grocery bag – you don’t want to put those items on the bottom!

Full Closet Cartoon8. Stamps. If you have thousands of stamps in folders or in boxes, it’s highly recommended that you move those items with you. In short: put your stamps in your car and drive to your new place with your stamps safely on the floor of your car. This tip can also be applied to anything that’s made from paper or really fragile.


9. Perishables. Do you have a lot of vintage wine? Did you know that wine loses its value if it is not stored properly at all times? If you plan to cash in on those bottles at some point in time, speak with your movers about transporting your collection. The best thing to do in this case is to set up your wine storage system in your new home prior to moving. This way, you can move your bottles from your old home to your new home with very little lag time. It’s also important to tell your movers about any other perishables that you have.


10. Let your insurance company know. Appraise and list all of your valuables. Then, call up your insurer to ask if your items are covered. If not, it’s time to add them to the list.


Other Moving Tips


For the most part, you can easily pack up your own collectibles. However, if you aren’t sure how to pack something that’s highly valuable, leave that item for your moving company to pack properly. Professional movers should be able to come into your home with the right equipment, pack up your valuable item securely, and ensure a safe move.


Moving a set of collectibles (or even just one piece) can be nerve-wracking. But, there’s no real need to get completely frazzled if you plan well in advance. Just make sure that your collectibles are packed securely, labeled clearly, and notify your movers of your items. Once all of these steps have been taken, you can sit back and let your movers handle all of the other details.


Questions? Need help? Let us know! As your Fort Collins Colorado movers, we are here to help you out with your move from start to finish, so give us a call today.