10 Things You’ll Only Get if You Live in Colorado

Like any other state, Colorado has its quirks. When you’ve lived in this great state long enough, you’ll begin to recognize some of these things right away. You’ll also quickly know when someone isn’t from Colorado, or has never been – it’s kind of like asking a New Englander for some ‘Manhattan clam chowder’ and getting a vacant look. If you’ve moving to Denver or Fort Collins, you’ll see right away what we’re talking about. Before you know it, you’ll understand all of the following things (and laugh along with this list!).

CC Image courtesy of daveynin on Flickr

1. Winter. You haven’t really understood winter until you’ve moved to Colorado, and we mean that in the best way possible! With winter also comes the need to hit the slopes every sunny morning before work (if this doesn’t make sense to you yet, you’ll soon understand!).

2. Locally brewed beer. A lot of states have local breweries, but Colorado takes this to a whole new level. If you find yourself staring at a beer menu for a really long time, you won’t be the only one!

3. You get ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf. No, they’re not the same thing (as you will explain to countless visitors).

4. South Park. You’ve watched South Park, and you’ve been to South Park too.

5. Mountain towns. Taking a day trip to a mountain town will let you explore nature, see what really rural life is all about, and ponder the way life used to be (and still is).

6. Nature. You may think that you understand nature, but you never really commune with nature until you visit the Rocky Mountain Range, or take a long hike on a winding nature trail. Colorado does nature like no other place on earth.

7. Cowboys. Yes, they do exist. Chances are that you know one, or you will know one when you move to any town on Colorado.

8. White water rafting in Fort Collins. If you’re a thrill-seeker, there’s no place better to be than in Fort Collins riding the rapids. Make sure to book a tour if it’s your first time.

9. Strange horse statues. At first, the red-eyed horse statue at the Denver International Airport may seem a bit off-putting. But, you’ll get used to the red-eyed greeter.

10. Burritos. You can’t live in Colorado and not get burritos. Burritos are everywhere here, and you’ll quickly have your favorite burrito spot all lined up and ready to go.

Ready to Move to Colorado? 

If you’re on the liberal side, move to Boulder. If you run conservative, Colorado Springs is the place to go. If you just want to enjoy the good life, check out Fort Collins or Denver. It really doesn’t matter where you go in Colorado, you’ll love everything that this state has to offer – especially the many amazing scenic points, laid-back way of life, and nature at every turn. The hardest part about moving to Colorado will be packing up all of your stuff and getting here, but that’s not too difficult to accomplish when you have a full-service moving team on your side.

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Soon, very soon, you’ll know a cowboy, have a favorite burrito, and understand exactly what it means to love winter. Yes, Colorado has its quirks, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! What are some of the things that you love about this state? Why are you moving here? It’s to play ultimate Frisbee, isn’t it? Let us know, and make sure to call us today to book your move.