10 Major Decorating Mistakes

Sprucing up your home in order to sell it is a good idea, and it can be a very positive thing. But there are a few decorating mistakes that are commonly made – and those mistakes might quickly turn away potential buyers.

Gaudy Bathroom CC Photo Courtesy of rick

1. An empty entrance. When buyers walk into a home, they shouldn’t be bombarded with tons of stuff, but ignoring the entrance is bad too. Make sure to add a run and a vase or two, and fresh flowers never hurt either.

2. Cabinets that are simply old. If there’s one spot in your home that you should invest some money in pre-sale, it’s your kitchen. Older cabinets that have a dingy look to them aren’t interesting, and won’t attract buyers.

3. Too much extravagance in the bathroom. From marbled glass sinks to bathtubs that just look bizarre, to putting carpet under a toilet, you shouldn’t sink too much money into the bathroom space.

4. Bold and odd wall colors. If you like the idea of Christmas year round, that’s great, but don’t paint your walls dark red and green! It’s easier for buyers to visualize what a space would look like with their stuff if that area is free of clutter and painted a neutral shade or white.

5. Clutter. When you live somewhere, clutter may not bother you at all, but it will be an eyesore to anyone looking at purchasing your home. If you have hundreds of photos cluttering up shelves or your walls are filled with knickknacks, it might be time to take some down.

6. Cords and cables galore. Everyone has some cords and cables, that’s the nature of owning anything electronic. But, you can usually tuck those things away by placing them behind furniture, putting them through a specially cut hole, or finding cords that are the same color as your walls.

7. No cabinets at all. Some people think that removing kitchen cabinets completely is better than leaving up old cabinet doors – not true unless your dishes are immaculate! Otherwise, that space that’s left open will collect dust and dirt and just look messy and unappealing.

8. General dirt. It might be a good idea to hire a housekeeper to clean up your place before you put it on the market – not really a decorating faux pas, but something to consider all the same.

9. Colored built-ins. The problem with painting your built-in cabinets a really bold color is that they are built-into your walls! That means that the person buying your house will have to find a way to paint around the cabinets, so that those colors are taken down a few notches.

10. Packed closets. It’s been proven that buyers prefer to look inside of closets that aren’t full but are half-full. Why? Because seeing some clothes and other items allow the imagination to wander.

Moving Out Of Your New Space

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